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Articles of Particular Relevance

Here are some very well researched and compelling articles and opinion stories pertaining to the issues involved in the Obi Obi Campaign. They were published over the duration of the Maleny vs Woolworths confrontation. Highly recomended reading.

Published by Maple Street Co-op, 37 Maple Street, Maleny Qld 4552, tel 5494 2088

The High Cost of Low Prices

In Praise of Slow Food

The Community versus The Corporation & The Fresh Food Fraud

Campaigning for Maleny's Future

The Supermarket Giants:  Not Fair Dinkum

Maleny's Community Spirit

The Campaign for the Obi Obi

Superpowers of the Supermarkets

The State of our Platypus and Obi Obi Creek

Maleny's Ongoing Supermarket Saga

Taking a Stand to Save Maleny

Think Sustainably, Act Locally!

Accidental Activism in Maleny &
Do we really want these cold, impersonal business practices in Maleny?

Maleny's Economy and Ecology at Stake

The Slow Growth Revolution

We Won't Shop There - or There!

Nexus Magazine Book Reviews of Relevance