Maleny Voice


Obi Obi Campaign Reference DVD-ROM

A comprehensive DVD-ROM has been compiled by the campaign team which includes the following content:

  • Campaign Photographs - Over 3,400
  • TV News and Current Affairs Video Clips (AVI, WMV) - Over 120
  • Campaign Team Self-Made Video Clips (AVI) - Over 50
  • News and Current Affairs Website Articles in PDF - Over 140
  • Print Media Clipping Scans in JPG Format - Over 300
  • Maleny Voice Website Archive of all Pages from 2003-2007 in PDF - Over 110 Pages
  • Various Background Documents, Maps, Reports - Over 85 Documents
  • MP3 Audio Files - Interviews, songs - Over 2 hours

For those not living in Maleny, you can request a copy of this DVD by contacting us by email. Whoever burns and posts the DVD to you will request a small fee to cover their costs of media and postage.

Once you have your copy of the DVD, please feel free to distribute as many copies as you can - we want the message to get out there...

The DVD is being distributed at no cost within our local community.