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Wake up Woolworths!
Woolworths continues to source Select paper products from Asia Pulp and Paper (APP), a company with an appalling environmental, social and financial record. Woolworths has been repeatedly advised about its supplier’s terrible behaviour, yet continues to ignore the demands of consumers.

The Mullumbimby Community Action Network
MCAN was formed in response to Woolworths potential high-jacking of our local economy with their multinational globalisation policies. In contrast, we aim to localise; strengthen our economy sustainably, building community solidarity and resilience at this time of global warming and peak oil.

Mt. Evelyn Rally Against Woolworths
This community has managed to prevent an unwanted Safeways store in their town. Congratulations!

Slow Food International
International movement opposing fast food and promoting dining as a source of pleasure. Newsletter, events, and membership information.

Australian Food News
Covered our campaign and reports on all grocery related stories in Australia.

Sustainable Maleny
Local group dedicated to raising awareness of the urgent need for change due to Climate Change and Peak Oil, and of localisation as an intelligent response. Working to develop a Sustainable Maleny Action Plan, focusing on the localisation of food, the economy, employment, education, energy, transport, health, housing, tourism, water and waste and the Maleny community in general.

Walkabout - Maleny
Travel information about Maleny for visitors.