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Obi Obi Campaign - Online Videos

14 April 2004 - Tree Clearing Protest Action
(Video by Steve Swayne)
Full resolution version on our DVD-ROM

'Wicked Mob' Music Video
(Music by Murray Wall, Vision compiled by Tracey Heers and Paul Alister)
Full resolution version on our DVD-ROM

Platypus in Obi Obi Creek
Proof of Active Burrows
Full resolution version on our DVD-ROM

Jenny Fitzgibbon sings No Nay Never
and protest campaign scenes 12 July 2005.
Apologies for poor vision quality.
Full resolution version on our DVD-ROM

We Won't Shop There! Protest in Maleny
on 16 July 2005. Runs for 10 mins.
Apologies for poor vision, sound is good.
Full resolution version on our DVD-ROM

Channel 9 TV 'A Current Affair' story on the boycott of
the Maleny Woolworths store by local people. 2006.

Paul Alister Documentary
A documentary by Paul Alister which focuses on the small community of Maleny, 100 km north of Brisbane, Australia, concerning their fight to keep out the big supermarket corporation Woolworths.The documentary covers many of the protests, meetings and actions as well as the raw emotions and feelings for and against Woolworths in Maleny.nd while the focus is with the Maleny Struggle, the film also looks at similar national and international struggles with corporate exploitation of local communities. This includes Walmart in the USA, Tesco in the UK and the Cittaslow movement.

The Little Town That Can
From Mullumbimby, showing how Woolworths can be fought...

Mullumbimby; a small town takes on a corporate giant, Woolworths.
Mullumbimby residents and representatives speak out against the attempt
by Woolworths to build a massive one-stop-shop in their heritage town.

Mount Evelyn was successful in preventing Woolworths from
forcing an unwanted store onto their community. Congratulations!

A campaign we here in Maleny can relate to.
SAVE TECOMA! A McDonalds will destroy the very essence
of our beautiful hills. We beat them before in Belgrave, now they're back for more.
Get involved & help defend our community! (Rural Victoria)

On the lighter side...
Grocery Store Wars - Spreading the Organics Message

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