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Here are messages of support for the Obi Obi campaigners received during the campaign. This list is now closed to further comments.

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12 Jul 2005DavidListening to 4BC and their coverage of this issue, it is interesting that Woolworths have remained silent and I'm appalled at the police numbers currently involved.

The views posted to this forum are interesting and I particularly note the posting from today's date.

Not being a "greenie" there must be a balance and it appears that big business is the winner but at what cost and the environment is the loser at Maleny.

Whilst one can do a internet search on Maleny, some interesting information is available but one item to which I find interesting is the projected population growth to 2010 within the township of Maleny.

When I consider this figure, Woolworths would have to rely on the surrounding areas and what about the traffic problem.

Whilst I have found this issue of great interest and of environmental importance, my support for those involved in this campaign.

12 Jul 2005Lee from ToowoombaDear Protestors
Thank you for trying to protect the platypus -since our miserable laws don't.
There are too many shopping centres and not enough platypus. From now i'll be shopping at Action. They have better fresh fish, cheaper meat and less crowds. I was already thinking of making the change. Given Woolworths total disregard for a a little piece of precious and scarce environment and the famtastic creatures that live there has just made up my mind. I'll let others know of my decision.

12 Jul 2005glennI hope woolworths finds the heart to at least move their building site rather than interfere with the flora and fauna on their intended site. surely there must be someone at woolworths that can see the common sense in not destroying more of nature.
if they don't then why don't they make it a more friendly design that takes into account the natural stuff there. it would be a feature to see.
but remember this any which way. supermarkets are built with the attitude that they will not be profitable for about 5 years. so keep an eye out for future mass development. progress!? i'm not shopping at woolworths anymore. And if there is nothing special about Maleny, why would i visit to spend my tourist dollars?
and if i never visit, i hope you keep your nice little community something special before it's too late. believe me everywhere else is losing it. i'm looking for somewhere to live happily ever after, not somewhere overcrowded, smoggy and noisy. good luck guys.

12 Jul 2005Richenda BridgeI just sent the following message to the World Expo site, but maybe if more people were to find a way to send better messages to embarrass the bureaucrats into action????????????

" Australia's Platypus Emblem :
Are you people aware that the rare and ancient PLATYPUS - as lauded at the Australian Exhibition - is under threat in Maleny, SE Queensland, where a platypus colony and it's breeding burrows, are about to be wiped out by a construction company, only to be replaced by an unwanted and unwarranted supermarket???
please see :

Please help our Community and our Platypus!
Richenda and Paul
Maleny, Australia. "

12 Jul 2005HelenSave the Platys!

12 Jul 2005Jill JordanTruly..the magic of Maleny.. and the wonderful people who have made the
town the way it is, as well as the current residents who want to see its
community "feel" preserved!!

I just got an email from a former resident of Maleny who said "J.. said you are taking a register of people who would give $5000 if
the Obi site could be purchased? Put me on that list please. You guys
are amazing to hold out the fight for so long....keep it up".

Be encouraged, everyone!

12 Jul 2005samantha, Brisbane NorthHere's the rubbish letter i got back: Maleny had all the chance to buy the land and save it... or so its leads to believe...
we took the unprecedented step of making the site available for
purchase by the Caloundra City Council on at least three occasions, with
Council, as the elected representatives of the Maleny community, being the
appropriate party to act to realise the expressed desire to see the land
utilised for community purposes.
Not to mention they " have their own expert"
and " We note the recent
comments of the Environment Minister Desley Boyle, who stated that "every
environmental requirement for development has been satisfied, and a
stringent monitoring program for the construction period is in place"
(Courier Mail - 25/6/05)
And finially " Following completion of the site
works, the developer has committed to return to council ownership via
dedication approximately 25% of the site (being a band along the bank of the
river) to allow the community to own, access and enjoy this area, which is
presently virtually impossible due to the weed growth on the riverbank.
Thank you for making your feelings known to Woolworths on this project. I
trust this additional information helps in your understanding of the Maleny
WOW clap for woolworths they are just too kind. Sorry its long, i even cut out bits!

13 Jul 2005PeterHi Everyone
Hang in there. I just found your site forwarded the URL to my friends. Your support is building. Woolworths is building nothing but hostility towards themselves.


13 Jul 2005Esta KnudsenDear Maleny Defenders

As a Maleny resident temporarily living in Brisbane, I want to say how grateful both of us are to those who have put themselves literally on the line for our beautiful little town.

Last Saturday we drove up to Maleny to attend the public meeting. I was a little worried that by now people would be fatigued and completely dispirited by the abysmal failure of levels of government to uphold the legal and ethical principles behind our resistance.

Of course, Woolworths' thinking is that they have the resources to hold out until the nuisance goes away and people forget. (Look at Buderim, they'll say). But the public meeting showed that even after the 3 year battle, Maleny is unbowed.

Seeing the massive police presence on TV last night, it seemed we'd returned to the surreal world of Joh's Queensland.

We will continue to lobby via email and letters and encourage our friends and relatives to do the same. No one in this family shops at Woolworths.

On any count - environmental, social or economic - Woolworths don't belong in Maleny. After 3 years of this nonsense, this household is more angry and determined than ever. Hope you're all the same!

Our best wishes

Esta Knudsen

13 Jul 2005paulfirst it is the supermarket ,which is not needed.but next door we have the maleny pub.I believe that will be their next target, to turn some of it into a drive in bottle shop. then next to the pub is a house which could be bought and demolished so that evilworths could build a petrol station. the dark side has arrived. food for thought

13 Jul 2005Sarah Whitehouse - Daisy Hill ResidentKeep fighting! You have support from many, varied and wide. When will the State Government heed the message - the community knows more about these areas than the EPA, ring-in developers, and paid off Environment Ministers. We are not blind rate paying morons who will lie back and let the Developer move in and rape our environment, our national assets, and the Maleny community. We are fighting a similar fight in Daisy Hill - opposing development of a 50ha core koala habitat into 180 house estate. Desley Boyle is ignoring our requests to step in, acquire the land, and stop this desicration. This begs the question - what is the State benefitting from these Developers? In the Daisy Hill case the State is scoring 18.24ha on condition the application was approved, and this land is being used to negotiate the relocation of Fairfield RSPCA to new premises. The Fairfield premises will then be prepared to be turned into residential (presumably highrise) development. How much do you think this is worth to the State? Maintain Koala habitat or Money in the State Coffers? News flash Desley Boyle, we are not going away, we will not just let this happen, and next - WE ARE COMING AFTER YOU!

14 Jul 2005paulto all those people who could have stopped this development ,they are as follows,peter beattie,desley boyle,greg quin,roger corbett, as the main players,just a few lines from a song from 1970.They paved paradise and put up a parking lot with a pink hotel and a swinging hot spot don,t it always seem to go that you don,t know what you,ve got til its gone they paved paradise and put up a parking lot .to the affore mentioned people this is the world that you want, you have sold youselves for a few lousy dollars. My grandfather once told me that "the clever people were running this world" i never believed it and neither did he.the platypus dont have a voice its up to us to protect them as we human beings are supposed to be the guardians of this planet, the four above have failed in this,just one last parting shot HOW WILL YOU EVER TELL YOU GRANDCHILDREN.

14 Jul 2005GDI note Police Minister Judy Spence is a member of Amnesty International. I thought their members are supposed to protect the rights of ALL humans not just a selective few and their property?

Keep protesting for your rights people!

14 Jul 2005Sarah WhitehouseI posted a message on the 13 July and realised that I am a dope. Come to our website:, we are all related - and fighting together. We are interested in collecting as many likeminded groups taking on the State as we can. If we merge? Anything is possible.

14 Jul 2005IvorGood on ya, I've sent the e-mails, hope not too late.
Cairns is going all plastisc and chrome too at the expense of native vegetation

14 Jul 2005HenriettaWe can do this! Donations are urgently needed for the buy-back, preferably before noon Friday 15th July. I'm a local resident and a pensioner. I'm putting in $500. Can you give too?
Deposit your contribution at Maleny Credit Union, Maleny Voice Account BSB 704 606 Account No: 731051. Donations are Tax Deductible.

14 Jul 2005Sherilyn BurrowsWorld Expo 2005 and Australia's shame

I sent the following E-mail off to Howard. Let's hope he gets a few, expressing similar sentiments and he takes action.  Good luck!
Bye for now

Dear Mr Howard,
I would like to bring to your attention the current controversial building of a Woolworths supermarket in the Queensland town of Maleny.  Many people oppose the building of the supermarket ,especially given that the site is the habitat of numerous Platypus who inhabit the adjacent Obi Obi Creek and burrow into the creek bank at  the site.
The local community has been running an ongoing campaign to stop the building, however earlier this week police have evicted protesters who were protecting the site.  I plea with you to intervene and halt the impending development and distruction of Platypus habitat,due to start any day.
I understand that the Platypus is of special significance  to you and that you endorse it's preservation and protection,given that you have recently opened the Australian exhibit at the World Expo in Aichi, Japan, with it's Platypus mascot and message of "looking after our world".
The Expo website states "visitors meet the star of the Australian pavillion, an 11 meter long model of a platypus on a riverbank. The Platypus was chosen because it existed 65 000 years ago and has remained largely unchanged since that time.  It is a small sensitive creature that requires a clean environment in order to survive. With the cleanup of our riverways, its numbers are starting to grow again.  The message here is that by caring about all of our creatures we provide the environment for safe and sustainable development in the future."

The theme of the Australian pavillion is "We have to protect and preserve our environment for future generations".

Please Mr Howard standby this message and take immediate action to prevent the destruction of  this Malany Platypus habitat . What will we look like in the eyes of the Japanese and the World Community, if we be so hypocritical as to project this message at this international Expo and go on destroying Platypus habitat.  This is especially relevant given that we as Australians have just successfully protested and protected Whales from Japanese Whaling interests.

Mr Howard please act now! Developers are due to start development any day.

Woolworths CEO can be contacted on
and the builders can be contacted at
As the Expo theme says "We have to protect and preserve our environment for future generations".
Yours sincerely
Sherilyn Burrows

14 Jul 2005Jan MThank you, a thousand thank you's!! - to all our treasures of the earth who have been and still are in the front line especially, of this incredible saga for Maleny. I have to be away from Maleny for three days but know I must leave my spirit here with you all. I'll hold your songs in my mind to keep you near and send heapsa hugs to all to keep you safe and strong.

14 Jul 2005Patricia wildlife carer /registered nurseGood on you Maleny. Bravo to the local residents and wonderfully passionate supporters of Australian heritage and wildlife. We cannot accept, and nor should we, this violation of Australian wildlife and habitat. It just goes on and on. The electorates have had enough of continued government greed and dishonesty. Time to bring the pro development team back to reality. No Votes for thug mentality. No supports for corporations who never lose money despite the lives of wildlife and habitat being sacrificed for future development. With all the 'deals'going down, surely there were other sites up for grabs. WE are entitled to fair representation and if this is as good as it gets -we're hear to say - your best is not good enough. We pay your way and our way says STOP.

15 Jul 2005Helen KinniburghDon't give up - people are spreading the word re donations to appeal. Have emailed to my partner who is attending a conference of community minded lawyers in Melbourne - a number of whom I know are keen environmentalists... . Have also just emailed a relative who is a music promoter & who has done a number of benefit-type concerts so I'm hoping everyone else is contacting everyone they can think of! It could be a lovely, lovely park... go for it guys!

15 Jul 2005Tammy and familyI am so very furious about these "big thugs" of the environment (money talks) doing this to the platypus. They could so easily go somewhere else that isn't affected so much! What is wrong with them? I really really wish the little darling platypus supporters the very best outcome on this! We are with you in spirit.

15 Jul 2005Serena GoslingGood on you! I won't be shopping at Woolworths anymore. It breaks my heart that wildlife must suffer at the hands of those that don't have a heart. It happens everywhere not just in Maleny and should be stopped. It is only through people like yourselves that any notice is taken at all. Don't listen to the knockers and keep up the good work.

15 Jul 2005Jenni Campbell and FamilyTo all the Folk of MALENY TOWN
we praise your morals - 'DON'T BACK DOWN'...
We used to just visit our family here before
then go back to Sydney, but we needed more...

We needed space, we needed peace
and in THIS TOWN, we found our niche...
We have not lived here for very long
but we 'SING WITH YOU', when you sing your song...

How devistating it must seem; to those of Maleny old
but we can see the same as you - we do not want that mould...
Let them build Woolies somewhere else, but not on the edge of our Town
we all SMILE when we walk through Maleny, don't let them turn us to FROWN...

To the 'PEOPLE POWER' who stand on site and protest for our cause
let us say 'A SALUTE TO YOU ALL', we always stop and pause...
Just because we can't be there, through rain and wind and night
does not mean that our SPIRIT is not - KEEP ON WITH YOUR FIGHT...

Many things have been achieved by people coming together
we wish you WARMTH and PEACE and LOVE in this storm you are to weather...
We have NEVER seen such a thing in our lives - a PASSION that you people posses
We admire your strength and courage and we wish to say 'GOD BLESS' !!!

15 Jul 2005Fly on the walli would just like to let everyone Know, anyone Boycotting - or leaving messages inside woolies stores, from Maleny to Brisbane... There are now "RED ALERTS" out on all Protestors. " We are to to take photos of your 'damage' to woolies stores... and catch you and call the police. So be warned - be smart, and dont get court. Be safe...get the message out. At least you have a heads up! Oh and No staff member can forcefully touch you, so just walk over them and out the doors, they are not aloud to hold you - touch you in any form, Watch out for managers though...not sure on there rights.

15 Jul 2005Peter and Merilyn MiltonAs Maleny residents we fully support the campaign to prevent Woolies' supermarket from being built on the Bunya St site. We have sent messages to the Premier, Environment Minister and Woolies executives. Our thanks & best wishes to all the front line protesters.

15 Jul 2005Paul LawlerThe Range News,
Letters to the Editor

Over the years, the governments of many countries have employed a variety of strategies and mechanisms in order to temper the avaricious nature of large corporations, as they gobbled up their opposition and got bigger and bigger. However, government control went out the door when the large corporations travelled overseas and became multi-national.

Multi-national big business now controls the world. Multi-national corporations fund both sides of politics and keep control by threatening withdrawal of those funds if the incumbent government does not acquiesce to their demands. Multi-national corporations who own munitions factories, do likewise and provide both sides with weapons and ammunition, ultimately becoming the real - and only - winner in all wars.

Multi-national greed is exacerbated by the people who invest in them and who by default, accept the immoral behavior and unethical practices.
For instance, not everyone was in shock on 9/11. A broker at the Wall St Stock Exchange reported jubilation on the floor as brokers realized the price of gold would go through the roof! The same happened as the bombs rained down on Iraq – what stock to buy was their only concern.

A large corporation is trying to invade the town of Maleny and I would like to say how proud I am of the people at Camp Platypus - or should that be Camp Courageous. Braving the cold and rain, they’ve succeeded in making a few waves to buffet against the bow of a giant Woolworths Supertanker, named Big Box Retail, as it ploughs down the Obi to eventually take over the pub, build a petrol station - and win the trifecta yet again.

Remember Edmund Burke’s saying : “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

Paul Lawler.


15 Jul 2005r mccarthyi find it amazing that global enterprises such as woolworths, et al, believe this site to be so financially critical as to cause such poor and potentially long-term marketing damage. The platypus is not only an endangerd Australian animal. It is perhaps one of the most recognised and adored animals in the world. What must the potential customers/buyers in the rest of the world think when they hear of such blatant misuse of land development.
Without this platypus site, one wonders what other developments are already "on-the-cards".

15 Jul 2005paulcould someone please do me a great favour.can you compile a list of all the sub-contractors who are working on the site at obi obi andalso the suppliers.I own a few acres at connondale and intend to build in a couple of years,i refuse to use any contractors and suppliers involved in this outrage,lets hit them where it hurts i dont know whether it could be done on this site but it would be very useful and easy to access

15 Jul 2005paulsorry its me again, just watched the news, one of the police officers used, what i would term, as excessive force on one women he grabbed her arm and swung her out of the way.just a word to that officer you are about 70 years too late the GESTAPO have been disbanded

15 Jul 2005Angry PersonI hate woolies they suck especially they are going to make my boyfriend move away Nooooooo!

15 Jul 2005EileenI just want to say what a joy it is to be with you all down at the site each day. I have made more friends in the last week than I have in the last nine years since we arrived here in Maleny. Keep smiling. Thanks to the singers and dancers and poets and shouters of witty comments. You make the long hours of waiting actually quite enjoyable, and it ensures we don't burn out.

15 Jul 2005Tanya CorrTo All Those In Maleny,
My thoughts are with you, and keep up the wonderful work.

The future depends on what we do in the present.

15 Jul 2005Elizabeth (from down south)just a message of support for all of you who are fighting so hard to stop the building of woolworths
you are truly inspirational..and show exactly why maleny is such a wonderful place!
keep fighting!

16 Jul 2005Martin Bennett, Prenzlau Lockyer ValleyIts an absolute disgrace that in this modern green thinking time to see their proposal for a shopping centre on this the site of a healthy group of Platypus. All the best with your fight against them. I hope if they get their way that all residents boycott the store.

16 Jul 2005ColleenThis habitat is precious. How many friends would Woolworths gain, by leaving this to the Platypus.
I will not be shoping at my local Wooworths store but travel a further 6klms. to Coles should this store go ahead. I spend in excess of $250 per week. More suitable land surely! Have some pride in Australias natural treasures.

16 Jul 2005Guy MorganDear Woolworths executive;
I would like to express my concerns regarding the proposed supermarket complex to be built on the banks of the Obi Creek in Maleny at 2-4 Bunya Street.

Understanding Woolworth’s position on the matter, I can appreciate it’s reluctance to walk away from the site and seek an alternative.

A Woolworths in Maleny on the current site strategically holds many advantages:
• Central location
• Main Street frontage
• Services a large rural area
• Capitalises on the regions current/expected growth
• Ability to deliver competitive pricing
• Proximity to community facilities

In light of these advantages it also holds many problems:
• Community disapproval
• Bad national press coverage
• Major changes to the main entry and traffic flow into Maleny
• School time chaos
• Degradation of the established village ethos/atmosphere
• Adverse effect on local business
• Endangerment of an Australian Icon (Ornithorhynchus anatinus)

As a resident and full time employee in and around Maleny I have noticed an almost unanimous disapproval of either Woolworths coming to town and/or the current location being chosen to build the complex.

Maleny has a varied social demographic; The narrow minded reports from the press have portrayed Maleny as consisting of hippies and dairy farmers. This could not be further from the truth but certainly assists Woolworths plight in this three year public relations struggle. Farming has become a less profitable industry and the new economy translates into real-estate. Once again perfect for a large insensitive company.

I have not attended any of the recent demonstrations as I work full time, study at University and the organisation I work for needs to remain neutral. I did attend some of the earlier demonstrations. And do strongly believe that Woolworths needs to revisit this decision to build here in Maleny, the minimum at this site.

Many others work full time in and around Maleny and do not agree with the situation. They are not seen demonstrating for this and other reasons. The way the development has been carried out so far is a terrible way for Woolworths to enter our community if it must insist on doing so without public support.

Maleny has a history of challenging large corporate enterprise. The community has been left legally powerless due to failures at all levels of government and have been essentially denied input into what happens in their community. For the “Dean Brothers” and swarms of hired Police to be involved for extended periods encourages residents and onlookers to oppose the corporate giant (Woolworths) with passion as it portrays an attitude of thuggery and a blatant disregard for public opinion, involving in my opinion the misappropriation of police resources, reminiscent of days gone by.

I can assume that Woolworths stores can run at a loss for longer than most businesses.
From the feeling I get Woolworths will have to for a while at least. Public support for Woolworths is bound to suffer as a consequence of this controversial nationally broadcast decision. The residents that “won’t shop there” in Maleny, will undoubtedly inspire others elsewhere to do the same.

I find it hard to believe that Woolworths who as a company built its reputation on being part of the community and a trustworthy organisation, have ignored basic civil decencies. Woolworths in my opinion have decided to follow an unethical decision and are too inflexible it appears to consider a real compromise, such as; choosing an alternative location which involves less public outrage.

For this reason as a long term customer, who was happy in recent times to drive to nearby Beerwah Woolworths to shop on occasion and utilise some of the other well known subsidiary companies, am urged to refrain from shopping at Woolworths outlets and subsidiary companies until the company can appear a little more flexible and observe more than the triple bottom line on issues that effect the community. Unfortunately this looks as though it may be a long term commitment on my behalf.

*Please ensure I am sent a list of Woolworths subsidiary companies

*Please ensure that the upper levels of management and the share holders are made aware of my and the general communities discontent.

If any changes in company policy allow a moral outcome please feel free to contact me.


Guy Morgan;
Maleny, Queensland.

16 Jul 2005anonymousdoses any one know a sky writer,
has any one contacted a current affair or today tonight.

16 Jul 2005JaneTo Paul, the person who wants the list of all the subcontractors on the site. What about their lives and their families? They need to work. They cannot stand up to their employer and say that they refuse to work on the Maleny site because most likely they won't have a job to come back to and then their family starves. Have some common sense and compassion for these guys!

16 Jul 2005Alex BObi: another very singable comment!

Another singable chant : for those who remember Manfred Mann's song :"Mighty Quinn (the Eskimo)" :

" Go On : Get Out!
We don't want you in!
You're not welcome in Ma-leny, QUINN! "