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Here are messages of support for the Obi Obi campaigners received during the campaign. This list is now closed to further comments.

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Date Who Message

20 Jul 2005Heffron Community GroupPlease include a pledge of $100 on behalf of Heffron Community Group based in Kensington in the south eastern suburbs of Sydney NSW.

We too are fighting an unreasonable proposal by the state government and Roads and Traffic Authority and are in complete sympathy with your
magnificent effort.The transfer will be made on Monday.

Keep fighting and GOOD LUCK!

Heffron Community Group
Kensington NSW
phone 96634398
fax      96634377

20 Jul 2005Elizabeth Farleyhello, just to say as someone who visits maleny regularly(have a sister
living in conondale), think all of you concerned with fighting
woolworths are doing a truly amazing job!

the website is really great..i have used the links to email woolworths
executive, and have also made a donation which i hope will help in a
small way to add to the huge things you are doing..too far away to go
to the site, so this is my way of supporting your fight,

Elizabeth Farley
Thirlmere, N.S.W 2572

20 Jul 2005Stefanie BennettSent to the Sunshine Coast Daily July 20th-

Now the Police Commissioner states his contingent in Maleny is due to [quote] 'a difficult traffic hazard'.
Will they be there forever directing Woolworth's traffic?
Stefanie Bennett


Why not DUMP those Woolies shares the Queensland ALP hold Mr Premier?
Stefanie Bennett

20 Jul 2005woman near malenyI keep hearing Quinn say on Radio that there is'nt any platypus on the Obi Obi site. What a liar! This is tragic. Please Beautiful People, stay strong My heart and thoughts are with You all !

20 Jul 2005Save Daisy HillFrom all at "Save Daisy Hill" ( we wish you well and hope something fruitful comes out of the halting of development today.

Your issue is similar to ours and we are watching the events unfold closely.

We hope to meet you soon.

Good luck!

20 Jul 2005KimWe wish you all the very best and look forward to moving to Maleny. Your community spirit and your determination to save your rights and those of other living beings has been an inspiration. We have only ever spent around $30.00 a fortnight at Woolworths over the past five years (we prefer to support our local growers -especially organic). Now, however, we will never spend another cent there and will pass this website on to all our friends. Thank you for your courage and persistence and may the right and truth prevail. Best wishes. Kim Meringandan Qld

20 Jul 2005SonyaI've emailed Mr Thomas today and received this response (in part)

I am happy to provide the further background below that does demonstrate that Woolworths have indeed tried to provide every opportunity for the community to see their desires for the future use of the site realised.

Woolworths has been aware of the sentiment of some parts of the Maleny community against the construction of the proposed development. For
this reason, we took the unprecedented step of making the site available for purchase by the Caloundra City Council on at least three occasions,
with Council, as the elected representatives of the Maleny community, being the appropriate party to act to realise the expressed desire to see the
land utilised for community purposes.

Blah blah blah - a stock standard smoke and mirrors response no doubt drafted by lawyers/corporate communications experts.

the lies continue...

Hit them in the hip pocket - boycott Woolies!

20 Jul 2005Richendacurrently a "Work-in-Progress", but it has a rousing chorus!!

Maleny forever! Defending our Rights!
A-way with you, Woolworths : The People Unite!
No, they cannot defeat us if Together we will Stand
For there is Power in our Union.

yes, it's with thanks to Billy Bragg (and to G.F. Root, who wrote the original "Battle Cry of Freedom" in the American Civil War!).

20 Jul 2005Richendaemail sent to the Team that designed and constructed the 11-metre Platypus and the Australian Pavilion, at the current World Expo in Japan : "think!OTS" i.e. "think!Outside the Square"

"Congratulations think!OTS - your work for the World Expo 2005 Australian Pavillion in Japan looks amazing!! Such a shame that while your 11metre Aussie Icon Platypus, is charming the crowds over there, the real McCoy is getting such a raw deal here at home.
I refer to the destruction of the Platypus breeding burrows here in Maleny, SE Qld on the Obi Obi Creek, RIGHT NOW, in order to build an unwanted and unwarranted Woolworths concrete box supermarket, at the entrance to our town.
( see for photos and information )

Please, can you guys use your standing with the powers-that-be to help these creatures??? PLEASE!!!

RJ Bridge
Maleny, Q "

20 Jul 2005RichendaFor those who have the computer connection and the time :~) a good way to help support Maleny would be to monitor and comment on the Oz internet forums - there is a lot of what seems to be very "DELIBERATE" misinformation about our campaign, out there!!!

20 Jul 2005wianamatta RonYou are all doing a very honorable and decent thing, unfortunately, you are not dealing with honorable and decent people. Democracy as we once knew it is now gutted and a new version has replaced it. The powerful corporations have the political clout and ultimate say. You are not in any way alone, this sort of thing is happening all over this nation, I have been fighting a similar fight here in Western Sydney for around 15 years, We lost too, but there is no shame in defeat as long as you fought for a common good, and you certainly are in this case.
Kind Regards, Ron

20 Jul 2005Stuart Wittal sent a my first ever letter to the Sunshine coast daily, Australian, Courier Mail, Financial Review & Sunday Mail on friday 15th July.
i Checked the papers at the library but alas my letter was not published in either paper. Very disappointing. But I will try again to get the message out about the Woolie Bullies.

It would be great if more local persons could come to the site during the day to show there support & keep up the fight. Down with corporate greed!!

21 Jul 2005elenaI am currently in Canada performing in their summer festivals. Checking my emails I received the national folk forum with news from Paul and Richenda about the continuational 'Woolies Saga'.

When I am not touring I residing on Magnetic Island, North Queensland (which is world hertiage listed). Our community too has been subjected to proposed 'development' planning which has a detrimental effect to the unique environmental systems.

Last year when I was in your area, I heard what was happening so I made a special visit and sang a couple of songs in the pouring rain to members of your community.

I continue to appauled Maleny Community with what you are doing!

I send beautiful light and energy of peace and love to your community and to the land.

I pray that those who are involved and continue to keep this project alive, may there eyes and hearts be opened to protect mother earth rather than exploit it for monotary gains.

Our history is grey - exploitation of the land and indigenous peoples. When are we going to learn?

Keep up your vigilance! I am with you in spirit!

May you sing, sing, sing - as each one of you contributes to make a difference not only to your community also nationally and internationally!

There is hope and faith! You have it!

In light

21 Jul 2005SonyaJudging by today's spread of letters to the editor in the Sunshine Coast Daily, more and more "ordinary" people are becoming angry and outraged by what Woolworths and others are trying to do in Maleny.

I hope this groundswell of opposition from the broader community continues and builds - keep up the protest and make a difference!

Remember Woolies and others mentioned in theses letters will receive these newspaper clippings each morning from their media monitoring organisation.

Public backlash is powerful.

21 Jul 2005Paul & RichendaThe latest Greenpeace newsletter is carrying a Harry Potter quote that is very relevent to this situation :

"It is our own choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities."
--Professor Dumbledore, volume 2, page 333

21 Jul 2005Cheryl from MackayKeep up the great work and never, never give up!
You are an inspiration to us all.
I have emailed Peter Beattie and Woolworths CEO and I will not be shopping at Woolworths anymore!!!
Best of luck.

21 Jul 2005Bernadette Woolworth Protestors of Maleny - you are an inspiration to all people who care about our environment and who seek to protect the quality of life that is on offer in communities such as yours. "Power to the people...", keep fighting, you have many supporters.

21 Jul 2005Leif Petersen, Cape Town South AfricaThe stakes are high, one battle representing global decay - a corporate dominated consumer society and another trying to retain a culture and way of life. Winning this is the first step to take in retaining any dignity we have left as a species. Your efforts are being recognised around the world - we are all watching!

22 Jul 2005KennyNot only should be boycotting Woolsucks but we should be boycotting their other companies such as Dick Smiths

And on this basic what would Dick Smith think of what Woolsucks is doing has anyone especially from Maleny Voice contacted him?.

Especially as there is Dick Smith foods company ( who might have their products on Woolsucks selves or write to Australian Geographic an magazine that Dick Smith started.

22 Jul 2005Tony Fraser, MalenyIt has now reached the stage where Maleny's residents, who are opposing Woolworths corporate greed,smug arrogance and environmental vandalism, need to take off the soft gloves and hit back with a few telling body blows.
There is simple strategy.
Woolworths, in their blind pursuit of corporate profit, have left a trail of destruction across the Australian landscape-bankrupted small business people, angry citizens, shocked environmentalists. Soon to be added to this list is the Pharmacy Industry.
Well, let me say-"We are mad as hell and we are not going to take any more!".
I call on all of those thousands of disaffected Australians (and indeed all others in the world) who are angry with Woolworths to now come out and say so on this website. Let us start a groundswell of public opinion which will sweep throughout Australia like a raging bushfire!. Send your message now and let the Directors and Shareholders of Woolworths know that we have had enough!.
Myself, my immediate family, my friends, our children, their children and childrens' children, will NEVER shop at Woolworths owned stores as long as their corporate attitude remains unchanged.

22 Jul 2005Al McOwl from AustralasiaI received the link to the Woolworths boycott campaign simultaneously via several of my email contacts. Unfortunately these large corporates respond only to the bar height set by local planning law, so it is towards the regional and district plan that folk ought to focus effort, IMO. The general absence of education in civics down under, and a lack of organised participation in planning scheme reviews is a problem, leading often to NIMBY reactive protest instead of proactive engagement in political life and local governance. This "Public Participation in Planning" is itself a critical theme, a process issue, in local and (bio-) regional governance. For those interested in how power is weilded through the lack of "user-friendliness" of governing authorities in facilitating the expression of popular will in the social and ecological fidelity, sincerety and responsiveness of planning law ( eg. in Queensland the Integrated Planning Act 1998, in New Zealand the Resource Management Act 1990), try to Google "communicative action" or "Critical Theory in Planning" in the APA Journal 1980 , etc.
The answer may be to require Scheme consultations to present a range of SCENARIOs, fro "Business As Usual" to "Sustainable Development with high regard to Social Well Being (Quality of Life) and Environmental Quality (Conservation of biodiversity and habitat etc.)". If costs and benefits were indicated & summarised people could easily tick the appropriate boxes in a reply-paid mail out by the local authority or for thatmatter, an organised advocacy organisation.
i have used the link to Woolworths feedback, to proclaim my participation in the Woolworths Boycott Campaign, until evidence of their sincere and ethical approach to actingnot only as a good corporate citizen with a triple bottom line policy goal, but also as a sensitive corporate community actor in small towns in NZ and Australia, such as Maleny, with whom it proposes to do business.

23 Jul 2005Richendamessage from John O'Lennaine on The Mudcat Cafe folk forum site :

" Woolworths have just opened a new shop in Lithgow on a corner where a park used to be.

About 30 kilometers north of Lithgow another megawealthy corporate developer has just finished buying off the NSW government so it can build a 6-star "eco-resort" in the Wolgan Valley, which runs through the World Heritage listed Wollemi National Park.
We know they have just finished buying off the govt. because news of the project has just reached the public. Of course Lithgow (pop. 25,000) and the Blue Mountains (pop. 73,000) are to benefit from the development by the creation jobs. (How big is this resort going to be?)

Lawson, the oldest town in the Blue Mountains, is about to be completely bulldozed so the highway can be widened.

I wonder if there's a link between the two?
Do I seem paranoid?
I am. "

23 Jul 2005Andrew MurtonContratulations to you all for the amazing full page advert in the Weekend Australian. It gives us hope that maybe we still have a chance to combat the Predatory Greed , arrogance and Evironmental Vandalism that Woolworths represents to so many Maleny residents .

23 Jul 2005Rhona MacLeodKeep up the good work - wish there were more people around with the courage that you folks are demonstrating! GOOD LUCK!

23 Jul 2005Jennifer DevineMy ancestors are in Maleny (Sommer) and I fight for you hard in spirit to stop the intrusion by the corporate colonisers
Don't give up your integrity..fight hard
Jennifer xxx

23 Jul 2005Jennifer Devineps
just contacted my local Woolworths management in Alice Springs to ask them to get very serious about staying away fro ask them to stay away...they may get a jolt..hope so
Jennifer Devine

23 Jul 2005Ruth Ross President Residents of Kincumber Assoc.,Keep up the fight. The logo of our association is the
platypus and we fully support the fight to save and
protect our unquie and endangered native fuana. We
also have our own issues with Telstra towers and
gas mining and groundwater extraction by Coca Cola, so we know how hard it is to fight big corperations. You are not alone.

Ruth Ross President Resident of Kincumber Association. Central Coast N.S.W.

23 Jul 2005Ross / MalenyThankyou Maleny for offering me an experience of community which I have not felt for a long,long time. I am proud to add my name and be known as a member of the Maleny community.

During the past weeks and, months I have been pleasently humbeled having met so many exciteing, wonderful and simply fine ladies, men, young men and women, girls and boys.

I have entered a wonderful conversation of community about both its very being as well as its future. Thankyou for the welcoming voice. (No wonder people want to live here /been hare for over 20 years now)

Any simply ananyisis shows there to be many converging issues, within the overarching issue of stoping the development going ahead. RIGHT NOW I see value in each of these interlocking issues/groups/people seeking to clarify their focus. Today, Peter showed a start to this with the concerns over future child/perestrian safety with a call for a gathering of folk to work the issue; as did Michael present an idea for a potentially exciteing, new legal approach.

For my self, apart from getting my running shoes and heart Medicine ready. I seek advice (Some feed back please) as to weather to initiate a formal complaint to the Sunshine Coast Liquor Licensing branch over a licence holder (guess who)allowing unaccompanied children to enter and leave licensed premises. / Council and the police have been rather slack for years now, me thinks! Or may this simply help Woolworths goal of owning the licence in this place? Some wisdom please?

At another level it was great to hear M.K.Gandi mentioned. Let us mention his path gently, as great disipline and suffering are found in that journey. Never the less even more rewards for the travelier who embraces the dicipline,sees to goal and reaches it.

Our goal is to stop this development and all it represents to each of us.

I shaw have NOt seen any fat lady in town yet!

Thanks for the conversation - shall talk later


23 Jul 2005Save Daisy HillOur hats go off to you again. Keep going, don't give up, you deserve to win!
From all at

23 Jul 2005PollyThe spirit of Maleny protestors is inspirational. Never give up, for we will then become an example to other people in Australia and indeed the world, who are trying to fight the huge conglomerates.
One thing worries me, that we don't hear anything about. Does everybody think that Woolworths is only building a supermarket?? Nonsense! I would bet my bottom dollar they will buy the adjoining land behind the hotel (if they have not already done so and probably have) to build all their usual horrid little shops, which will do even more harm to our local businesses, the environment and traffic load.

24 Jul 2005Kathy.With regards to adjoining land. it is said in some circles that hotel and precious house next door could go along with bowling club!!!!
Indicating room for modern-style tavern, pokies included, of course. Bingo - suburbia nearly complete.

24 Jul 2005TressaAs an environmentalist and concerned citizen I applaud the community of Maleny for their efforts to stop a multinational company from destroying their beloved unique human and animal communities. As a Byron Bay resident I have watched over the last ten years the infiltration of chain stores and franchises in our area. Woolworths was one of the first but now we are 'lucky' to have Subway, Dominoes, Jay Jays, Supre etc. The special atmosphere that once prevailed is still here but it is much harder to find. Keep going and good luck!

24 Jul 2005Iain Duguid - Orford, TasmaniaEven though I now live in another beautiful part of Australia, I value the years I spent in the Maleny community. I swam with the platypus in the Obi and now fail to understand a corporation who will allow this desecration to go ahead. Maleny - your support is world wide!

24 Jul 2005Dr Graeme Stevenson,Somerset, TasmaniaGood on you Maleny, we hope you give Woolies a sound kick in the shins. As you know, some in Tassie have taken on Gunns Ltd in a similar manner. Sadly, our Labour Govt. has forgotten its roots and supports the corporate giants. All the very best.

24 Jul 2005janei'm ashamed with the beattie government. to have this happen in your town and not being able to walk your child to school is just so petty.
keep up the good work guy's we'll show them right to the end.
Obi Obi Protest - Maleny Residents Banned From Half Their Town

A 100 metre total exclusion zone has been imposed on Maleny residents arrested at the controversial development site in Maleny.
They are not allowed near the development site - fair enough.
However, they have also been banned from the following locations in our small one-street-town:

* Banned from the Maleny Hotel (only pub in town)
* Banned from the Maleny RSL Memorial Hall
* Banned from the Maleny Library
* Banned from the Maleny Post Office
* Banned from the Riverside Shopping Centre (over one third of all shops in town)
* Banned from Tesch Park (major recreational park and children's playground in town)
* Banned from taking children to the primary school on foot.
* Banned from driving out of town to the coast (other than using a 4km detour around the town centre)

Is this a fair and resonable thing to do to people in our small town? We ask Mr Beattie to do the right thing and amend these draconian conditions placed on Maleny citizens immediately.

24 Jul 2005Fiona & Wayne BlakeThanks for giving us a chance to voice our support for not just your community but all of us in different parts of Australia who abhore the corporate terrorists holding us to ransom.Our pride in our nation to be free & to control our own destinies is a powerful motivator for all of us. We have seen what Woolworths has done to our dairy industry & I stopped shopping there 2 years ago,that equates to approximately to $11,000 p.a.

24 Jul 2005Mike NSW mid-north coastKeep up the pressure, don't let WOOLWORTHS ruin Maleny. They have done untold damage in Kempsey and Nambucca Heads with their ugly and inappropriate buildings and marketing tactics.

24 Jul 2005Sustainable Population Australia, South East Queensland BranchThis letter was sent to the Courier Mail from SPA-SEQ:

Protesters at Maleny are expressing the frustrations and fears of many residents of South East Queensland as we watch our fields, farms, floodplains and forests cleared and covered with housing, shopping centres and other infrastructure.

We now find that the State Government's new South East Queensland Regional Plan, which we were told was going to protect our valuable environment and stop the urban sprawl, will do nothing of the sort. Under the SEQ Plan, communities will be left to continue to fight with local governments against inappropriate zonings and development.

The SEQ Regional plan may provide certainty to residential and speculative developers but it pushes communities back into the trenches to defend their quality of life, environment and local economy.

While the State Government is dependent upon population fuelled economic growth, rather than sustainable development, the residents of SEQ will continue to see many more Malenys.

Another million people in SEQ in the next 20 years - the platypus like the SEQ koala will go from common to vulnerable, and our indigenous and historical heritage, bushland and good quality agricultural land will be lost.

Yours faithfully

Simon Baltais, President

Sustainable Population Australia - South East Queensland Branch

24 Jul 2005John Fancourt, Alexandra HeadlandWhile not living within the Maleny community, I enjoy regular visits and fully support your efforts to keep your town "special". While I have had a couple of earlier support L to E's published, this is the latest I've forwarded.

While little has been made of the fact the Beattie Government has delivered tacit acquiescence to the Maleny Woolworths project - as witnessed both by the "over the top" police presence to protect a private enterprise development and his Minister's outrageous statement to protesting Maleny residents, "to go home and cry" depite 79% opposing the development on this site - the Government's affiliated Trade Unions have been conspicuous in their absence of any support for Maleny's endeavours to close this development site.

While those supporting the development's progress will probably argue as being insufficient reason to close the site, either the inherent traffic chaos this Woolworths will deliver, not to mention the intrusion and interference with the identified platypus colony in the adjoining Obi Obi Creek, it still remains a mystery as to why the unions appear so reluctant to lend their support to those representing Maleny's "mum and dad" interests, as they endeavour to protect Maleny's "inherent village culture and natural environment". But then again, wasn't this the same Trade Union movement who also refused to deliver the mail to Australian soldiers serving in Vietnam?

As such, speaking from the perspective of a former (1970's) senior State union official, it's about time for genuine trade unionists to join with the "ordinary" people of Maleny, to abandon their political "Government master's directives" and unite to avert this un-necessary social tragedy while there is still time. Perhasp a good slogan for this "people power" amalgamation could be "builders unite, don't work on this site".

But which ever way it goes, it's definitely time for the trade unions to "stand up and be counted" in some shape or form, for if they fail to do so, they'll be forever identified as simply being "the lap dogs of the Beattie Government".

To all who love Maleny, keep the faith and maintain the rage.

25 Jul 2005HelenI have just emailed two Phillip Adams and Geraldine Doogue of Radio National, summarising the story and suggesting they look at your website.