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Here are messages of support for the Obi Obi campaigners received during the campaign. This list is now closed to further comments.

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25 Jul 2005Greg HartCongratulations to all on a well organised campaign.
The state election is only 18 months away and I certainly hope the Beattie government will hear you all loud and clear at the ballot box. They suffer from selective hearing every other time.
Corporations run governments has been clearly highlighted in this whole issue and people are realising this is an issue that resonates beyond just a supermarket and a creek,-- it speaks to the people about the people and about the land we all live in.

25 Jul 2005Communities Against the TunnelsDear concerned Maleny community members,

Communities Against the Tunnels (CATT)wish to offer your community our heartfelt support in its spirited fight to preserve the magical qualities of Maleny from being eroded by inappropriate development.

CATT is a Brisbane based community group which supports sustainable transport in the urban context rather than the ongoing encouragement and entrenchment of car dependence. As such, we stand opposed to the construction of the proposed North South Bypass Tunnel and the entire TransApex web of roads, which will be exorbitantly expensive and which, if built, will similarly pollute our communities and destroy our liveability.

Our children’s future health and happiness rests on our communities rising in one voice, with solidarity and strength to fight the good fights.

We wish you well in your ongoing campaign. We have added a link on our web site at :

…to demonstrate our kinship and support and commend your supporters to our E-petition at:

Good luck.

yours sincerely

Justin Wells

Spokesperson - Communities Against the Tunnels (
0416 478 615

26 Jul 2005Jesse Richardson & Nicole Crouchwell done - thank you for standing up to bastard corporations with profit instead of principle determining their agenda. All power to you.

26 Jul 2005www.jk5.netWe have, today, included in our home page editorial a call for interested parties to voice their disapproval to Woolworths. We, at JK5, have declared a complete boycott of Woolworths and all their subsidiaries and suppliers until they acknowledge the rightful demands of the Maleny community.

London, UK

26 Jul 2005Brooke SullivanIt is quite simple. Not me or my family will be shopping at Woolworths again (it use to be my preferred supermarket to shop at). They don't care for the environment, nor do they seem to listen to what the community has to say. Very very silly. Keep up the excellent work Maleny Voice.

26 Jul 2005jurgen meisnerit started in leipzig with a banner that read WIR SIND DAS VOLK -----quin and corbett take heed history has a habit of repeating itself

26 Jul 2005Peter - MELBOURNEGreat to see a community pull together. Long live civic pride.

27 Jul 2005Sue LoveMore power to the community/environment minded people of Maleny. too often these multi nationals get their way & don't give a stuff about the destruction they cause-hey, they believe only in money motivations, greed & more greed!
Say 'Gidday' to Jill Morris from Sue & Laurie Hedley.

27 Jul 2005kennySince Greg Quinn Managing Director of both Uniton Pty Ltd and Hutchinson Builders has refused to answer my email's.

I hope I get an answer based on reality through Maleny Voice.

Isn't the real reason not only is Uniton Pty Ltd and Hutchinson Builders claiming compensation from protestors (Prosters face reality CM 27/7/2005).

But Gunns Timber is sueing people is that these companies thinks or proven with the suit they feel people in Australia shouldn't be allow to have a say?

27 Jul 2005Kenny150 police (sponsored by Woolworths) invading Maleny to assist Hutchinson Builders erect an inappropriate building on an environmentally sensitive site.

So now I know why I got the excuse from The Police on why they don't have enough police to book drivers putting lives in danger by speeding in Highgate Hill and West End area in Brisbane.

27 Jul 2005kennyA number of years there was a Green Ban on Construction Work by Building Unions lead by Jack Munday.

So maybe a similar idea with not only with the The Maleny Woolsuck Building work but other works by Unions.

The BLFQ is a union of employees that only represents construction workers,

The Queensland Council of Unions (QCU)

27 Jul 2005John SurridgeI just submitted an Photo Image on DeviantArt of a shopping trolley in a creek with the caption "...and who said Woolworths doesn't care for the enviroment!" If you would like to use the image in your fight feel free to use it. the link is

27 Jul 2005Alison, Mt.Martha,VictoriaRecently I had the pleasure of visiting your lovely town only to be stunned at the proposed Woolworths complex.Your town has a character that people like me travel too to experience. It was so quaint that on the way back from the Daintree(another disaster looming) I visited again only to find the battle still waging. A Safeways(Woolworths) complex has been built not far from my house (I can see the lights as I stand on my front porch and they blaze all night) and we lost a small duck pond to make way for it.They didn't build over the pond it was beside the car park but they filled it in. As a natural water course it fought back and returned but the bastards put in aggie pipes and drained it for good. I went to the developers and asked if they could leave it there for the wildlife and for the people to enjoy but they refused because they have plans up their sleeves and are going to extend and that will be the site of more car-parking space! Joy of joys more shops!It breaks my heart to see what big companies do in the name of progress.Good luck with the fight ,I have emailed friends of our plight (for it concerns and affects all Australians) And remember "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter" Martin Luther King.

28 Jul 2005kimFeeling a little downhearted, with a few aches and pains thrown in from anothr day spent on the computer and phone, attempting to get those in power to listen and DO something about our plight up here, I decided to have a look at the messages of support and guess what? I feel rejuvenated. Thanks to all the wonderful people who have written with support, encouragement and offers of help. It is so good of you to care, and we all appreciate your efforts. We're keeping on with the fight - and a message for Woolworths and Hutchinsons ... we aren't giving up or giving in .. you have been warned. all the best from Kim

28 Jul 2005pauljust look at the total mess this queensland government is in.Its just one stuff up after another, maleny is proof that the powers that be havent got a clue,in fact the last person who walked into parliament with any idea was GUY FAWKES.

28 Jul 2005Nimby BrisbaneIt would appear that some people are happy to see a Woolworths store as long as it is "not in my backyard". In particular, UNITON has expended a lot of energy to build a Woolworths Supermarket in Maleny, but UNITON will bolt from the scene as soon as construction is complete. Given the contempt UNITON directors have shown for the concerns of the Maleny community, it is only reasonable to invite consideration by UNITON directors on how they would react to a Woolworths in their own "backyard". Information about their backyards is easily available in the public domain, and I invite the community to mail UNITON directors and inquire whether they would be happy to see Woolworths as neighbours as follows:
Greg Quinn - 92 Cothill Rd, Silkstone 4304
Steve Norton - 47 Tristania Rd Chapel Hill 4069
Perhaps Greg and Steve will get some inkling of how platypuses feel when their privacy is violated!!!

29 Jul 2005HeleneBest of luck. It would be great to think that our present State government actually cares for the environment, our fauna and the future of our state and the natural heritage for our children. But, NO, it is once again the almighty dollar pitted against the whimpiness of our elected representatives!! Why I continue to be disgusted and amazed, I cannot say!!!!!!!!!

29 Jul 2005Elizabeth-via sydney..PLease keep up the fight...those of us who live too far away to be there in person are with you in guys are amazing...and continue to be inspiring...

30 Jul 2005Save Daisy HillThank you for placing the Save Daisy Hill issue on your soap box. Our fights are similar in so many ways. Keep fighting, there's strength in numbers.

31 Jul 2005Jo McRae, TasmaniaSo now corporate giants can buy their own police force, can they. How long before Gunn's follow suit? Peaceful protest seems to be a thing of the past. It is very disheartening. But we can't give up the fight for the forests, and I wholeheartedly support your fight against Woolworths - I think the ban on Wednesday shopping is a good idea, see if it catches on.

01 Aug 2005MelanieI have been wondering what to do with the unsolicited Woolies brochures that land rudely in my letter box and I know that others have too, perhaps we should all send them back to Peter Thomas or Greg Quinn? What do others feel?

01 Aug 2005KimI suggest that Melanie (and others) might like to package up the unwanted woolworthless brochures that accumulate and send them back to roger corbett with no postage affixed. It will generally be delivered but the postage has to be paid at the other end. Not that it will worry roger or woollies but every little itch will make them scratch. All the best.

01 Aug 2005maleny_spiritMelanie,
May I suggest that as your private letterbox or PO box is being littered with unrequested and unsolicited GARBAGE, then as responsible citizens we all have a personal duty to maintain our environmental integrity by recycling this 'swill' back to it's places of origin i.e. WOOLWORTHLESS stores.
These insidious invaders are spreading their tentacles like a malignant disease across Qld. and the rest of the Australian countryside, exterminating small family owned and operated businesses to the extent of complete and total domination of Australias' retail food, liquor and fuel markets.
WALMART - Here we come!!
So please return this 'invasion of your privacy' to Woolworthless stores located in and around the Sunshine Coast, and all other areas of Australia, SHREDDED OF COURSE!!! to aid their decomposition!
And while you're there you may want to do some grocery selection and fill you trolley , what a shame it would be if you got to the checkout and left the credit card or wallet/purse at home , however we're only human - well some of us anyway!!WOW and developers excluded!!
Keep in mind that these stores use surveillance cameras , so if you feel that your civil liberties and democratic rights are being denied - WEAR A BIG HAT!!!

03 Aug 2005JillHaving just returned from a month's work outback to a desecrated and defiled Maleny is bad enough. To find a 24/7 surveillance camera trained on our main street is an invasion of my privacy. Long-range microphone use has also been proved.
In my absence the invasion by 130 police for the 'safety' in our peaceful little fresh-food-growing and IGA-seved town was an insult I am still feeling. The good news is that many people in western Queensland approached me, knowing I come from Maleny, and expressed disgust at Woolworths' action. Children asked: 'They can't build there, can they?', trusting me as an adult to reassure them or do something! While travelling we heard very confusing ABC (radio) reports on what Uniton leader Quinn was saying - he just must have been contradicting himself, or the ABC mixed up the sequence of tapes.
Five years ago our two local policemen (the full force) arrived at my house for some free advice. Now we have cars loaded with strangers on expensive shifts whose rudeness doesn't fit our town. They need to go to more courses before I can accept that they are here for my 'safety'. Where are the Civil Rights lawyers? HELP!

03 Aug 2005HelenI notice that the Humane Society International has joined the campaign. Their letter to Desley Boyle dated27 July is on the web if you are interested:

Just out of interest, has anything been said about the impact of lighting on the platypus? I searched in google for 'platypus and litter', and as well as finding that plastic litter is a well-known threat to platypus (for example, they get stuck in plastic rings and bags during foraging) it seems that bright lighting near waterways interferes with their ability to feed at night as it disturbs insect behaviour. As I am from out of town, I don't know if this has been discussed, but all the supermarkets I know do have bright lights on at night, partly because of extended trading hours, but even just for 'security' reasons after hours. The sources I looked at included: abc science broadcasting, Australian Museum online, Planet Ark & the Platypus Conservancy (Vic)


03 Aug 2005Judith MindenI admire your tenacity, and urge you to keep going with your fight. To those folk who say "you can't win" - remember: "All that is necessary for evil to prosper, is for good people to do nothing". I wish you all the best.

06 Aug 2005vickii went to see accidentally bunya street at the maleny community centre last night. i would just like to say thankyou very much to the cast of the show and the catering. it was excellent. well done.

06 Aug 2005KathyI also attended Accidently Bunya Street last night and was thoroughly entertained. not hysterically funny like it's predecessor, but this production has it's own identity and story to tell...most appreciative to Simon and the gang, including kitchen persons. thanks and keep on keeping the faith in our town and ourselves...we are a shining example of a loving, caring and diverse the rest of Australia what humans can do when called together. United We Stand.....

06 Aug 2005Andrew MFurther to advice heard at todays great turnout , the "feedback" forms available at any Woolworths Greed Barns , are apparently "postage paid" ! so, why not wrap up a brick and stick the form on the outside ? The added advantage is that the form actually askes you to comment !

08 Aug 2005Kathy.There is an unconfirmed rumour during the rounds in Britain where persons cannot sing, whistle or play a musical instrument inside or outside without paying a licence to do so..... hmmmm. NWO? that would certainly bugger up Maleny would it not? but then following on from what the hell has been goin' on here recently, that type of policying does not really seem a stretch.

08 Aug 2005Sandy Shore, Yallingup, W.A.You have my message of support. Your community voice reaches across the wide, brown land. I'm definitely, as a start, not shopping at the local Woolworths to assuage my inability to act more directly due to Western Australian distance. As I learn more, I may take up the invitation to write to the stakeholders and decision makers.

08 Aug 2005D & E ConondaleKeep up the good work- don!t give up hope. It!s not the protestors holding up the traffic - it!s the police!They want to create dissention in the community. 79% can!t be wrong.

09 Aug 2005KennyConsidering Members of Parliment, G Quinn don't have the guts to answer emails and R Corbett of Woolsuck used P Thomas to answers email.

We should email the package up the unwanted woolworthless brochures and the address for different sections is:

09 Aug 2005Conflict of PrinciplesThe owner of the eletrical contracting company who is involved with the WW project in Maleny has contacts with discision makers HIGH in Greenpeace, seems to me that working on this project is in conflict with Greenpeace ideals?

09 Aug 2005D & E ConondaleTaken from the editor Blue`s Country Magazine- Andrew Stewart "It`s a crazy world. On one hand the state govt. will go to maniacal lengths to stop tree clearing on farms. Sensible questions about regrowth & pushed mulga take years to get even acknowledgement & hundreds of meetings to come to even inadequate comprises. On the other hand the Govt. puts hundreds of police on duty to help a developer build a supermarket on top of a known platypus habitat at Maleny. Do we conclude that in the eyes of government the needs of supermarkets are greater than those of farmers?

10 Aug 2005noblesse oblige`quote from fincial review of last week.Roger Corbett CEO of Woolworths gave some comforting information and quotes, for example,he desires to treat others how he wishes to be treated himselfhe is also in touch with the natural environment.he goes on to say "I was standing on the balcony of my house the other day and looking out of the window at the view of the trees,the water and so on and was saying to myself,If you didnt believe in a creator ,how could you believe this had all come about"? Well Roger I have my view about your statement you would probably sell the trees and the water if you could.If i was a woolies shareholder i woud be a tad worried about a CEO that talks to himself, the creator bit has me really worried that you could be a caring person,but if you did lose your job as CEO you could always go to HOLLYWOOD and become a script writer for some of daytime "soapies"if you needed a name for your new script writing firm you could always call it HYPOCRITES or HYPOSCRIPTES

10 Aug 2005JillLaw-abiding (and also protesting) citizens of Maleny are feeling more insulted, angrier and more likely to disobey in a police state with Bundaberg police now diverted to stop our normal (subversive!) community activities in town on a Wednesday morning; making us late for appointments, unable to park, too angry to focus on work, meet deadlines - so this is how big corporations kill towns. They have almost killed us already.
Bully Builder Quinn tonight said on TV that they will be pouring for another month. If each pour needs a 100-police escort, does that mean another 2800 police person days to be paid for by our taxes? Are other taxpayers listening? Are the real crims from Brisbane to Bundy listening to the TV news!? Great time to plan.
This has got to be official training for terrorism. Otherwise the world really has gone mad.
It was brave place to start - peaceful little Maleny.

What we have to be careful to do is to stay together; blame is beginning to spread like a stain. Free speech is already being stifled, in subtle ways.

Join us on Sunday 14 at 1pm for yet another (peaceful) gathering. Walking. Talking. Singing! What next in the way of civil disobedience: writing letters? On Sunday will there be police from Rocky, Townsville, Longreach, Childers and Mundubbera?

11 Aug 2005what are you thinking wooliesthis town was and is and should always be a small contry town with not much noise and a happy smiling fce to every one who walks by you can't this be the best way to be? obviously not. woolies is coming to wreck this way of life and make our small town into a small city!!
so to this i have to say go away woolies and never come back!!!

11 Aug 2005ConcernedIf Police sometimes don't have to wear nametags for fear of damaging themselves or others (as advised by Carolyn Male in e-mail), could we have things changed so that Police nametags are made of fabric? How do we go about changing this?

11 Aug 2005Animal Loveri was disappointed in Animal Lib when i wrote to them and they seemingly just said ' yeah some people are on it'
i'm in a lot of animal groups, why aren't we getting more help?
Maybe we are and i'm missing it... and yes elephants are being imported and forest overseas dying, hello, time to turn round back to Australia and put in some effort here.
THANK YOU HSI, good work on putting your name down.