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Here are messages of support for the Obi Obi campaigners received during the campaign. This list is now closed to further comments.

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11 Aug 2005Jasen - Albany Creek BrisbaneI can't believe the stubbornness and sheer lack of care from Woolworths and Uniton executives. I say, let's go knock down their homes, destroy their peace and quiet, disrupt their business and see how they like it. I too am far removed from the scene at Maleny, but I still hope that my letter writing and persuasion of friends and co-workers to think before they shop may help. This I have let Woolies know on many occasions and they obviously couldn't care less! Now I hear that Daisy Hill is soon to be under attack by similar forces 'less the government and big business grows a conscienceness miraculously. What has this world come to? It all makes me physically sick.
Good luck in your fight against evil and greed, I'm trying to do my bit for you guys too.

12 Aug 2005When it comes to arrest, let them work for it.When people are lead away, the police stand either side of them and hold each wrist, bending them back, so why not have some smelly nasty concoction containing grease handy, something which will stain and smell, you'll find that they will be reluctant to arrest anyone, the smelly greasy stuff will get every where, in the police vehicle, the statioon, the cells, paper work, let them earn it.

12 Aug 2005Harry potter ruleswoolies are bullies yep thats righto
yep woolies ar little shits
anyway who loves harry potter????????
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13 Aug 2005Jim StrakerDeep Breath

Dr Usui, the founder of Reiki entreats everyone to consider and live by the following:
Just for today, do not anger,
Do not worry and be filled with gratitude.
Devote yourself to your work.
Be kind to people.

This town and its people have been through a lot of upset during the last three years. We should also be aware of the perversion of our own subconscious by continuing in the present manner.

It is maybe time to take that deep breath and concentrate on spiritual healing for Maleny and the locals.

It is unlikely that construction will be stopped. The focus ought to be shifted to minimising the impacts on the community through:

• Influencing the pedestrian and traffic safety aspects;
• Relevant landscaping of the creek boundary and fully considering its precious inhabitants;
• Reduction of the effect on the existing businesses; and
• Building on the friendships generated and the spirit of the community.

The universe is positive in its outlook and this should be tapped to meet the above focus. Shift the outward flow of sentiment towards sending love to the outsiders involved in the project and seek that they make decisions that will be for the good of the Maleny people and district.

It may be unpalatable to some to move in this direction, but that is the positive way forward. The energies expended towards the stopping of the development have not been wasted. The community has grown from the magnificent efforts.

Many of those involved are genuinely spiritual persons and having taken the deep breath, will understand this concept.

If the good of the community is to prevail, then the business results for the new development will reflect this. (I won’t shop there).

While considering Dr Usui’s words, let us take that deep breath, send love and work together towards those things we can still influence.

Ideas for influence

Influencing the pedestrian and traffic safety aspects

• Contact Caloundra City Council (CCC) and voice concerns;
• Contact Main Roads Department and voice concerns;
• Assist Councillor Newman in his endeavours towards a better solution for Maleny traffic; and
• Especially a need for review of traffic plan for this site.

Relevant landscaping of the creek boundary and fully considering its precious inhabitants

• Contact CCC and voice concerns;
• Join Lake Baroon Catchment Group and consolidate a call for change to the plans within the development site;
• Consider the needs of the platypus;
• Accept the clump of rogue bamboo acting as a screen to the construction over a ‘native’ species replacement. Remove the lantana and other weeds but please leave the bamboo as a screen;
• Work with CCC to extend the improvement of the Obi Obi Creek environment within the town area.

Reduction of the effect on the existing businesses

• Support existing local businesses;
• Develop the concept of a weekly ritual ‘passing the quilt’ up and down the foot paths on both sides of the main shopping area and promote it as a tourist feature;
• Don’t shop there

Building on the friendships generated and the spirit of the community

• Do what friends do;
• Collect memorabilia and plan for a time capsule to commemorate the actions;
• Become more active in the local community groups.

14 Aug 2005MelanieI agree with JIm Straker's ideas and would like to add an idea. Everyone who has taken photos over the last 6-8weeks could get together and put the best of these into a small book with an account of what has happened. This book could serve to act as a dedication to everyone who came together to oppose the destruction of the platypus habitat and site, it could be sold at a small fee to cover printing costs and then the profits could go towards a further campaign and to educate new people moving to Maleny and tourists, and to pass the "I won't shop there' message on.

What do you think? If enough people express interest maybe we can get together and maybe someone who knows how to do it could help!

15 Aug 2005Save Daisy HillTo everyone in Maleny and Jasen from Albany Creek (by the way we think we know who you are so thank you)
Thank you sincerely for your support. We have not given up hope yet. The way the majoritiy in your town has join together needs to be applauded.
From all at Save Daisy Hill

15 Aug 2005Go Maleny Go!This is an excerpt of a letter I sent to Mr Peter Thomas. Any comments on what he says?

"There was never any offer to purchase the site when it was offered to the council by the previous developer. The only offer that was ever made was on the 16th of July 2005, well after construction had commenced. At all times when the site was for sale to the council, it was very clear that if the site was not purchased at that time, the development would proceed. "

"The tree clearing was all on land to which the Title applied, as proven by the decision of the Qld Planning and Environment Court of late 2004, and the refusal of the Dept of Natural Resources to appeal that decision. The developer had all required approvals for the activity undertaken on site."

"All works are being inspected by the EPA/DNR and COuncil. All works have been poerformed in accordance with the conditions that protect platypous in the Obi Obi Creek, imposed by the Planning Court on the advice of an independent expert in this area."

I mentioned the increased traffic and the fact about long term pollution impacts......
" Imagine also the benefit of people not having to drive off the range either North or East to purchase items from the supermarkets that exist there. "

"We are taking a tenancy in a fully approved development. We ensured that the prior developer to offer it for sale to the council as the representative of the community. We offered to walk away if the community, through their council, pourchased the site. In all the circumstances, this is very reasonable."

He appears to be trying very hard to convince me it is all very right and above board. Any advice on how to rebut this?

I also wrote: "I would also like to add, even though something is currently legal, does not necessarily make it right and sensible. Laws are upgraded, improved, gutted, quashed, created and destroyed every day. To permit and sanction, via a loophole in the "law", the disturbance of a protected species may be legal, but is it right?"

He resonds, out of the context I feel, "The independent expert who created the conditions of consent was clear in his belief that they adequately protected the platypus in the Obi Obi Creek. I understand from speaking with those opposing the development with similar qualifications to Dr Carrick that their view is similar, in that the conditions are appropriate. In the circumstances, I do consider that the works are, to use your word, "right" "

I had to laugh at that last one..... his version of what is right is what petains to the law only it seems.

* Any comments should be made on the "Soapbox" Forum

16 Aug 2005Resident from Daisy HillDid I read the previous message correct? Did you or did you not write Dr Carrick? Could it be a coincidence the same Dr Carrick being used in the controversial Daisy Hill development? The same Dr Carrick that is very influencial in government?

17 Aug 2005Screw em aroundWhen the dust has settled and woolworths are trading for a few weeks, I suggest that everyone ought to fill up a shopping trolley each, let every thing be put into the cash register, then say I left my money at home and walk out, if a large amount of people did this often it would give out a great message, imagine ten or twenty full shopping tolleys each day filled with lots of small items, such action would ensure employment for someone who may have lost their job in the past because of this greedy nasty company, I say play shopping and fill your trolley, then when thats finished go and support your local small bussiness's.

19 Aug 2005Cant all quit our jobsi work for woolies and i dont know about the bigger stores but i can tell you, you are not creating new jobs for people to put back stuff - my store has been hit - and while i dont care.. becoz i hate woolies and what they are doing and i support everything Maleny is trying to do... you dont make more jobs - so stop saying you are... just make a stand for what you believe in but dont think you are giving more people jobs buy leaving trolleys around full of food... it doesnt work to help give another 15 yr old more work then we already get stuck with....we are just expected to do that PLUS all our other jobs. Just thought you should like to know....

20 Aug 2005GarryPlenty left yet for the campaign.

We need to make sure Woolworths and the developers are not rewarded for their anti-social and environmentally destructive behaviour.

We need to further investigate the suspicious behaviour of Politicians and Public Servants.

We need to examine current legislation and governmental procedures for weaknesses in the protection of communities and the environment.

21 Aug 2005LindaAs per the previous message - and maybe look at similarities between other issues like the Daisy Hill and some of the ideas that automatically come to mind as you read the below article from on August 17:

The Courier Mail drops the ball on Beattie's factional woes

Christian Kerr writes:

“Peter Beattie's domination of Queensland politics appears to be on the slide, with evidence of a massive fall in voter support for one of the nation's most popular Premiers ahead of two crucial by-elections this weekend,” Queensland political vet Shaun Parnell reports in The Australian today.

“Amid a furore over public hospital services, a Newspoll conducted exclusively for The Australian shows voters are fast losing faith in Mr Beattie, as anti-government sentiment hits levels not seen since the Coalition fell from grace in 1998.

“The Government and Opposition parties are now neck and neck, each with 50 per cent of the two-party-preferred vote, as Labor contemplates its lowest primary vote in seven years."

That ain't half of it. Queensland Labor is imploding with factional jostling not seen since Beattie took office. Events were triggered by the resignation of Beattie's right hand man, strategist and back protector Terry Mackenroth last month. With him gone, the factions are all fighting to gain the upper hand in a well and truly divided Cabinet.

The movement of Labor advisors from various departments and some advisor exits to private business hasn't helped Labor stability. Two more MPs are tipped to go, too – meaning two more by-elections for Premier Pete, two more than he wants right now.

Without an effective opposition, little in the electronic media and a cowed Courier Mail – Beattie is the only premier whose media homepage consists of a warning off rather than a list of press releases – Queenslanders are hearing little.

With the health department crisis and the Dr Death scandal claiming The Courier Mail's front pages on a daily basis, the Labor backroom boys are scrambling to come up with a diversion, especially with the looming losses in the two by-elections this weekend predicted by in-house Labor polling.

The best the bruvvers can come up with is hints of developer and councillor corruption on the Gold Coast, Redlands Shire and Cairns Councils. The tip is that the non-party political but heavily conservative Gold Coast Council is about to be sacked in the fortnight following the expected Labor State by-election losses. This should divert attention from the losses after the inevitable poor showing by Labor.

Handily, such a move would also allow the Labor party machine a clear run at the 2008 Gold Coast council elections, with the Labor ticket free to grab some of those very same developer funds. The sacking will also dent the reputations of most of the nominal Liberal and National sitting councillors for future council or state contests.

It's assumed that the Gold Coast Council sacking will take health issues off the front page for a while, but once these reappear Redland Shire Council will be in the Government's sights.

During all of this The Courier Mail has been deafly quiet on the internal machinations of the Labor Party factional war. The Courier Mail has been doing all the dirty work for Local Government Minister Desley Boyle, firing plenty of arrows at the Gold Coast Council over recent days.

Yet the Labor brain drain – particularly Mackenroth's departure – has lead the Labor back room boys down this path without clearly seeing the looming disaster for Labor ahead. The Queensland ALP gets plenty of its funding from developers, especially since Mackenroth created the Office of Urban Management, a quasi planning department. The path Labor is following will scare off donations.

The only question remaining is whether The Courier Mail will be brave enough to connect the dots and question the State Government over the donations from developers they have received – since many of these are the same developers who donated to Gold Coast councillors.

21 Aug 2005Mary DThe Platypus, the Developer and the Strong Protest.
(A Modern Fairytale)

When the developer saw the unused land,
Saw an opportunity to make dollars grand.
"It's just scrub and trees and worthless sand
I'll give this community a helping hand.

But I'll need someone to hep pay the rent
If Woolworths come onboard they'll be heaven sent.
They'll bring to Maleny such choice and content
Folk will part gladly with each dollar and cent.

When Boxsells decided the saleyards to sell
The furore to follow they couldn't foretell,
For the mountain folk know the area well
They heard the ringing of loud alarm bells.

For centuries past on the Obi Obi Creek
Platypus had survived, their lifestyle they keep,
Without contact with man they are shy and meek
Harming no one as their destiny they seek.

The protestors pleaded, they wailed and chanted
For a reprieve for platypus still could be granted.
People remained strong while bureaucracy ranted
And once more blind progress has nature supplanted.

For such concerns are not on big business agenda,
Their hearts know only profit and that's not tender.
The developer talked of parking and cement render
Woolworths wanted it ready for trade in December.

But the CEO strolling on the work site
Looked into the creek - saw a wondrous sight -
Ma Platypus and youngster in the shimmering sunlight
Swimming and frolicking with no sign of fright.

"Could I be blind to the platypus' plight?
Is it too late to make this worng right?
Have I been heartless, exercising my might?
Am I having a moment of timeless insight?"

"Stop! We'll halt the construction,
we can take it elsewhere,
Show the dedicated fold that we also care,
Then they'll support us and they WILL shop there,
We'll be the Fresh Food People who are True Blue and Fair!"

22 Aug 2005Jasen - Albany CreekWell written Mary D. I love your poem of the events below. I hope you sent it to Woollies and Uniton, etc. Keep up the fight! I am hoping you all win this struggle.

22 Aug 2005country loverI've lived in Maleny for all of my life and have never known a nicer place. All the shop keepers are nice and everyone gets to no each other. 'Woolies are Bullies' really is the way to put it. Imagine coming through a really nice village and then spotting a huge shopping centre! Whats more the traffic will be dreadful and soon they will be needing to put traffic lights there! I love Maleny's atmosphere and will be truly disappointed and angry when the woolies does come and completes the shop.

I came to Maleny for a quiet life and now woolies has started a trend - we'll soon be a small city!

Go away woolies, leave us alone You are going to wreck Maleny for good.

23 Aug 2005All ConcernedHi all.
I am a journalism student wanting to do a feature on the Maleny site.
I will be coming up Thursday, and would be much appreciative of anyone available for interview with regards to the proposed site.
I can be confidentially contacted on
I look forward to being of help.
Kind regards,

23 Aug 2005guestjust a thought how do you go about getting a population cap on the hinterland i know of places in the goldcoast hinterland & australia wide have population caps . maybe this might slow down some development

23 Aug 2005Sue, WAI have been fighting a planning decision in my place which is going to cause the loss of a water system through nutrient contamination, the degradation of a nature reserve, the loss of way of life in a community due to odour nuisance, and threaten a local family business. I have been inspired by your community - your ad from the paper is on my wall to remind me not to give up fighting for the community and environment. It matters. Thankyou. I will do all I can for Maleny from this side of the country. I have been to your place many times on holidays. I go there for the values that you are fighting for. Don't stop. Many silent people are behind you. For my part, I promise not to be silent.

26 Aug 2005KimHow very heartening to read all the positive messages on this site. They come from near AND far, and show how many people support us and our cause - they also give hope that other communities may not have to undergo the agony which has been visited upon Maleny these past couple of years. Thanks to all who do their part, no matter where you live or what you do .. we appreciate everything.
cheers from Kim

26 Aug 2005John PeaceWell done Maleny People Power. Since visiting a year ago I have been spreading the news about Obi Obi creek and Woolworth's invasion. I am a traveller and have convinced many people to stop shoping at Woolworths. May their demise come soon. For the Earth regards to all. John Peace.

29 Aug 2005Who wants to talk to the responsible Ministers?Thought everyone may like to consider this request to talk to the responsible Minister (not that it really will change anything):

REDLANDS/CLEVELAND COMMUNITY CABINET MEETING SUNDAY, 11 SEPTEMBER 2005, 3.30 – 5.00pm VENUE: Victoria Point State High School Student Centre,93-131 Benfer Road, Victoria Point Qld 4165.

REQUESTS MUST BE RECEIVED NO LATER THAN 12.00 NOON, WEDNESDAY, 31 AUGUST 2005 For enquiries, please call: 1800 448 377 or 1800 448 378 Deputation times will be confirmed by telephone from Monday, 5 September 2005. Deputations are 15 minutes each in duration.

A cynical resident of Queensland.

29 Aug 2005abbeythose poor platypuses. i hate woolworths and i have never liked it. platypuses should come out of the creek and eat the woolworths construction workers!

29 Aug 2005Lara GI firmly believe that the woolworths consrution should not take place. If it does i think that i should get all the money.

29 Aug 2005francisA few weeks ago, my class went on an excursion to maleny and we observed the obi obi creek and talked about the implications woolworths would have on not only the creek, but the poor, little platypuses! we found that the construction of woolworths will endanger the platypuses living in the creek. next time i go to maleny, i will refuse to shop at woolworths! i am glad to see everyone fighting against the construction of woolworths as it does not have many positives and will be a disaster. keep up the good work, and stand up for what you believe in! :)

29 Aug 2005foodi like food and bananas i like peaches and watermelon too BUT NOT FROM WOOLIES

29 Aug 2005gertrudehello maleny voice. i am very proud to hear about you fighting for justice! when i was young, i visted maleny all the time. i hadnt visited maleny for 16 yrs but i payed it a visit 3 weeks ago. i was shocked at the growth in maleny and how many new buildings have been built. i feel so sorry for the platypuses and i wish the buliding of woolworths would stop as it is ruining the habitat where the platypuses and so many other animals live! goodbye for now, keep fighting! we all belive in you, maleny. good luck,

29 Aug 2005abzwe all strongly believe that woolies construction should stop but the government wont listen. they dont care about the poor platypuses! they only care about the money! MONEY MONEY MONEY!!!!

In other news, we all want u to keep up the good fighting. be tree huggers! go greeeeeeeenies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


30 Aug 2005GreigWoolies is greedy, money hungry, and blind to the plight of the platypuses. They need to grow up, and get a life. If they truly cared about the growth of Maleny, they would be far, far away. If i was to see them, i'd give em something to remember me by!

30 Aug 2005KimCongratulations on taking the fight right into the Premier's court Matthew and Michael. Your message certainly hit home with voters, at least two of whom told me that they had been undecided until they saw the banners and really gave their vote some thought .. and they voted Beattie's man OUT. I'd like to see more of this very pro-active campaigning so that others can see just what the government is (or isn't) doing, all over the state. Many thanks to all who helped with this wonderful scheme.

30 Aug 2005NikkiIhate woolworths keep fighting Maleny, DON'T GIVE UP

31 Aug 2005DanielleI think woolworths is very stupid they say they are helping the world environmently by not giving plastic bags to there customers but then they go and dod something like this. Maleny stand up for your rights.
Keep giveing them a fight.

31 Aug 2005Nikki MatthewsI have never seen a real life platypus before so please stop building the woolworths so I can see a platypus


31 Aug 2005RASADWe are a residents action group in Lane Cove Sydney also fighting an inappropriate Woolworths supermarket development. We think you campaign is fantastic and we wish you all the best. We find your actions and web site very motivating. Good Luck.

Secretary, RASAD (Residents and Shopkeeper for Appropriate Development) Lane Cove Sydney

31 Aug 2005clozzaWoolworths SUCKS!!! woolworths is selfish and only care about MONEY!!! Maleny never stop fighting in what you believe because woolworths is goin DOWN!

31 Aug 2005EileenRally at Cooke Park, Maleny, on Saturday 3rd Sept at 2pm. March to Tesche Park. Bring your signs and/or music makers.

03 Sep 2005Dolina SThe Kiosk(next to Community Centre) will be open on Sunday 4th. Sept. to give info to tourists. Stickers, t-shirts, postcards. shopping bags.
Call in and say "Hello"

06 Sep 2005GlasWoolies is going down, so hang in there, fight for what you believe in, and fight for your homes, and the homes of our native platypuses.
Woolies needs to wake up, and if they don't, wake them up yourselves!

06 Sep 2005soph fWoolies is a disgrace to the human race
The platypuses have been theer longer than u have. how would u like it if we came to u and said 'get lost, we're building here, so can u just shove. Oh, and by the way, we're gonna need to pull down ur whole house. I suppose u can live in that little bush there.' How would u like that, Woolies? hey? hey?

06 Sep 2005TravisI think Woolies should listen to the local community, it's not fair for them to just barg in & take over. People have rights & they deserve a say in our society especially when it's in their own backyard!!