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Here are messages of support for the Obi Obi campaigners received during the campaign. This list is now closed to further comments.

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Date Who Message

06 Sep 2005smit is fully sickwoolies you really suck you need 2 get a life n not destroy others maleny fight for what you think is right not what the woolies people this is!!!!!!!!!

07 Sep 2005KiwiI disagree with the Wollies situation, because I want the platypuses to live!!!!
Get out Woolies!!!!!!

07 Sep 2005!!Meagz!!This is a major discrace! Woolworths, don't you have any respect for Maleny and its people? Then theres the platypus' homes that you are going to destroy. Did you think of them at all? Stick in there people of Maleny.

08 Sep 2005Marie McDonaldI read you are asking for support nationally, well you also have it internationally! We are now boycotting our Woolworths store in Wallasey, Merseyside, England - Good Luck with your campaign

11 Sep 2005Lin, Bristol UKAnd support from the south of England too. I can't boycott Woolies (i don't shop in any supermarkets as i won't support what they're doing to the food industry) but i would if i could! I've never seen a platypus and would like to think i might get a chance if i'm in your neck of the woods. So, good on you, good wishes, good luck.

12 Sep 2005HamishThis issue is far bigger than platypuses, and goes to the heart of our understanding of "local" and "community", both concepts which are being significantly eroded by big-box stores like Woolworths and Coles-Myer in Australia, and Wal-Mart in USA, and increasingly the rest of the world. A great discussion paper to be found at and download the pdf for "Speech: Will Wal-Mart Eat Britain?"

12 Sep 2005Kim Thanks to all the people who write to this site with messages of support and examples of positive thinking. We really appreciate it. A few people believe that we might as well give up as the developer has now commenced construction. Well, as far as we're concerned, that's just one battle in an ongoing war with Woolies the Bullies. Our aim is to make this the least profitable woolworthless store in Australia - it's achievable and we can do it. We also aim to keep our lovely little town as clean and green as possible, to continue to protect everything about it that we hold dear (the platypus, the small businesses and the people of this community) and to ensure that woolworths keep hearing the message that we really don't like their plans for our town;that worldwide, the tide of public opinion is turning against companies like them, companies who will do anything, say anything and promise anything if they think there's a fast buck to be made out of the enterprise; companies who don't care what they damage or destroy in their neverending quest for power and the almighty dollar.
Hang in there Maleny people.

15 Sep 2005John Fancourt, Alexandra HeadlandSeeing it's now over a month and still no response or acknowledgement from the Minister (and the Daily also refused any "right of reply"), I thought it would be appropriate to share the following as further evidence of the contempt the Beattie Government holds for those who publicly oppose this Woolworths development in Maleny - or suggest there should an equality in the use of Queensland Police resources.

FW: Letter to the Editor - OPEN RESPONSE to Minister Spence's accusations, July 30th

The Hon Judy Spence MP,
Minister for Police & Corrective Services,
Queensland Parliament,

Dear Minister,

With reference to the above letter, given I don’t possess the same “clout”, political or otherwise, to ensure my response to your emotive but totally false and baseless accusations and assertions, is published, I have taken the liberty of sharing said response with you.

While I believe it is self explanatory in its complete rejection and refuting of your baseless claims, accusations and assertions, obviously given your interest in matters “police” which receive coverage in the media, under normal circumstances – and given the gravity of OUR particular and long-standing problem – there would be a reasonable expectation of a phone call from you or at least your office, to discuss it, as per the courtesy extended to Mr Quinn.

However, given, as far I can ascertain, no one in our unit complex or our Body Corporate has any association with you, personal, business or otherwise, our Body Corporate will not “hang by the phone” in anticipation of such a phone call to indicate a similar display of interest for our plight as that exhibited towards the outcome of the Woolworths juggernaut as it rolls forward – in the face of overwhelming community opposition - to destroy the beautiful community of Maleny, under the watchful eye of your previously, publicly identified (Courier-Mail, July 14th) former business colleague and associate, Mr Quinn and his company, Uniton.

Thanking you for your attention and wishing you a pleasant day.

John Fancourt

Letter to the Editor,
Sunshine Coast Daily,

Dear Editor,

Re: OPEN RESPONSE to Police Minister Spence’s accusations, July 30th

While the principal question is “was it the Minister or one of her ‘minders’ who wrote it” – and hoping it won’t again be subjected to “selective editing” by the “Daily” – I’d like to respond to Queensland Police Minister Spence’s “emotive” letter (Sunshine Coast Daily, July 30th).

Firstly addressing Bill Hoffman’s comment on “spurious claims”, obviously Bill must be referring to those of the Minister, unless, of course, he is suggesting the detailed media coverage (Courier-Mail, July 14th) relating to the Minister’s association with Uniton’s Greg Quinn – and which I simply drew upon – was, itself, “spurious”.

But regarding the Minister’s accusation of, quote, “peddling untruths and outrageous lies”, unquote, with respect Minister, which were these?

Didn’t the Courier-Mail’s July 14th article identify: - (1) you personally telephoned Mr Quinn in relation to the Maleny matter as covered “in the paper”, true or false? (2) your suggestion you and the Police Commissioner hold a media conference in relation to Maleny, true or false? (3) Commissioner Atkinson’s attempt to justify the large Maleny police presence using a “$400,000 hospital cost for a motor victim” analogy, true or false? And haven’t you also suggested the new Coolum Police station is “24 hours”, despite it being short “of the 18 officers required” (Daily, July 28th) to enable it to deliver this 24 hour operational capacity, again, true or false?

And while you make much of, quote, “a responsibility to ensure public safety”, unquote, where does this “responsibility” lie in relation to those who live in our unit complex? A situation where our women folk are subjected to abuse, harassment and threat in broad daylight, as up to 40 hoons regularly take over a major public thoroughfare and turn our collective homes into an embattled fortress. OR if all citizens are being treated equally by your office, can we also, as did Mr Quinn, expect to receive a personal telephone call from you to discuss OUR problem, as also covered “in the paper” and in face to face police discussions?

Consequently, before you attempt to intimidate me (for my support of Maleny residents) with your nonsense about being misrepresented in my original (albeit, selectively edited) letter, if you are “fair dinkum” on this aspect, why didn’t you therefore similarly and with equal publicity, challenge and berate the media source which originally made public the information you now apparently find so offensive I.E. the Brisbane Courier-Mail? OR is it easier to use your position of power, as Police Minister, to infer threat to an “ordinary” citizen, rather than “take on” a major international print media conglomerate?

As such, I respectfully suggest, Minister Spence, that you focus on real public safety issues rather than those manufactured as an excuse to pressure the Maleny community into submission over their stand against the entry of Woolworths into their town. Because the last time I checked, we fortunately still allegedly live in an Australian society where its citizens are able to exercise both freedom of speech and ordered assembly.

John Fancourt

And a PS for Bill Hoffman, Sunshine Coast Daily:

Bill, while having no expectation of being extended the courtesy of a “right of reply” (edited or otherwise) to the Minister’s published letter, nevertheless, by all means take advantage of your editorial position in an endeavour to publicly denigrate me; but better men than you have tried and failed.

However, while I have always extended you nothing but courtesy and respect, instead of pontificating from the comfort of your office and indulging in a little pandering to Government, get yourself out into the broader community and “broaden your exposure”, as you arrogantly suggest others should do.

Come visit Maleny and actually mix with the large and very broad, cross-section of people, from around the world, who genuinely subscribe to support for the maintenance of the character and charm of this beautiful township – unless, of course, your attempted downplaying of this issue is in an effort to protect potential future advertising revenue, to be derived from the Maleny Woolworths should it succeed.

15 Sep 2005GerardWhat great spirit you people have. I have sent your website to my friends all over the world. Maleny is a wonderful little Australian town and should be left that way. Your council is obviously lacking in understanding. It is no place for an ugly building such as the type these monsters inflict on the Australian landscape. Don't let them put up their crude signage. On my travels throughout Australia in the past 2 years I have been observing what they(and others) are doing and it is just visual pollution.
I can't believe that it is happening in this town as I wouldn't have thought that the population was sufficient for them. I imagine they have their sights set on the hotel so that will be the next thing they will descerate. I won't EVER shop there.

16 Sep 2005Minister investigating via the Mayor???Is Minister Boyle really expecting the Mayor to investigate the playtpus as per the Courier Mail today? Or is she passing the buck?

19 Sep 2005RosieI think that if Maleny dosn't want a woolworths they don't have to have one as it is their community and their town & i think that if maleny dose want a woolworths but not on obi obi creek than they shouldn't put it on obi obi creek.

19 Sep 2005KateYes I aggree with Rosie as it maleny's choice as a town and community.

20 Sep 2005Sue & Bob Caldicott, Bicheno Tasvisited your town recently on holiday. very impressed with scenery and the nice people. after talking to locals and seeing the photo board of what's happening there we are sending a message to woolworths via your website. Have also decided to sell our shares at least we can send a message that this isent acceptable and if people don't want something in there town they can do what you people are doing. surely as citizens we can have a say in how our towns develop and if something isent appropriate then it should not be allowed to go ahead.
Hang in there.

20 Sep 2005Carol & Ted Sale VicLovely Town (Maleny) great people. Fight for what you believe in. We do shop at Safeway in Sale but will be re-thinking as we don't agree with what they (Woolworts) are doing and we can see how it will spoil your town. We hope other people will band together to stop these bullying tactics and stand up to big corporations who think they rule the world.
It's time people stood up for what they believe in instead of being pushed around.
We had heard about your plight before starting our caravan trip and just had to visit to see for ourselves how a relatively small group of people can stand up to these big corporations. We had seen on tv last year how they brought in a demolition group in darkness to cut down trees and to be honest we were appalled that something like that would happen.
We admire you all immensely so keep it up.

23 Sep 2005Matthew Wiseman (India)I have been following it from India, when I get back to Australia I hope there is no woolies in Maleny. Dont give up the fight.

24 Sep 2005Coincidences???Is it coincidental that Minister Boyle's Policy advisor threatened someone protesting (witnessed) the Daisy Hill issue when the now Policy advisor was employed in the local State members office? Is it coincidental there is evidence this Policy advisor has mislead the public? Maybe that Policy advisor will be the end of Minister Boyle? Wonder if that same Policy advisor has been involved with the Maleny issue?

26 Sep 2005Garry ClaridgeWell done to Glen Higson for initiating a hearing in the Supreme Court against the Minister for the Environment - Desley Boyle. These politicians need to be held accountable for their actions.

02 Oct 2005GuestThe Woolworths Operation Trolley (WOT) count has reached 400. Congratulations! I love it!

02 Oct 2005KimThere was a very large concrete pour at the site last Friday morning. Greg Quinn has announced that he is very pleased with the way construction is proceeding and that they fully expect to finish the building 2 weeks after Christmas. The fit out is likely to take 10 to 12 weeks, after which time Woolworthless will be open for business. It's up to us to make that opening the biggest NON EVENT in Maleny's history, and to continue our quest to make Woolworthless Maleny the most unprofitable supermarket in their Australia-wide chain of tyranny.
Even though it would take a miracle now to make them go away, we shouldn't despair. There are many avenues still to explore, like making Caloundra Council accountable, forcing them to explain how they let us down, making Desley Boyle and Judy Spence explain their actions (or failure to act in the case of the former) and ensuring, as far as possible, that government at all levels can never again foist this kind of environmental and social debacle on any community.
Lastly, thanks to Dolina for joining me in the banner- protest at the site on Friday. We were only two in number but got a few waves from passing car drivers. And we're still not crying Desley Boyle. Cheers from Kim

05 Oct 2005 A MALENY PROTESTORWhile the "official" number of WOTS stands at 408, I understand from a source who shall remain anonymous for obvious reasons, that the REAL count is way way higher.Many people have been unable to access the WOT counter site, many others either don't worry about adding their total or don't know about it as we've found recently. Whatever, (WOT ever?) the scheme is working wonderfully well and is apparently annoying woolies quite a bit. We now have wotters in every state and they represent every age, ethnicity and social background. Even though it's a relatively small action, as long as everyone plays by the rules ( NO perishables, no damage, no vandalism of any kind) it is another niggle at woolies, it shows we're still here, not going away and you know what?? It's a very satisfying way of spending 20 minutes or so - an excellent way to get rid of anger, frustration and any of the other emotions engendered by having these fiends in our town. go for it.

06 Oct 2005jon on holiday in bristol UKdesley boyle save the dolphins kill the platypus.As a politician you are a huge waste of space, you would certainly put of a lot of talented women from entering politics. most women politicians i have met have a sense of fair play and justice.please do us all a favour, leave politics im sure you could get a job as a check out clerk at malenys woolworths it would be about your level

13 Oct 2005MeI am sending Reply Paid feedback to Woolies at the rate of 25 per week. I am hoping many others are sending some too. Are you?

13 Oct 2005pauldesley boyle quote from saturday radio;the people have spoken regarding the dolphin feeding at tin can bay and we have listened dolphin feeding will still be allowed. Well didnt the people of maleny shout long and hard enough to protect their platypus the only word that springs to mind regarding you is HYPOCRITE

14 Oct 2005Zoe CampbellFight Maleny, fight for your right you are being pushed around by a goverment bully so do something it is never too late well till its built.

14 Oct 2005Dawsonwoolworths just go back to wherever you came from because no one wants you in maleny. next time you should think of the environment and how it will effect the region before you build next to a creek that is the home of some platypus.

14 Oct 2005 Barker (Anastasia)I visted maleny a few months ago for the first time and I had the pleasure of eating hot chips at the cafe over looking the Obi Obi creek and constuction and to tell the truth I was disappointed As we stood and looked at the construction the workers whom I hope do not live in Maleny were yelling at us to go away I was so mad how they shoved us off like that and am real put off by the whole thing.

15 Oct 2005MyselfWoolies can't you see your just not wanted in Maleny. Leave the platypus alone and go back where you came from!

15 Oct 2005Jasen (Albany Creek)Still not shopping at Woolies. Still not supporting their businesses. Still hoping you win this fight. Adding my opinions and advice to others daily.
Keep it up!!

16 Oct 2005hannah dawsonStop woolies because it will polute the environment!

17 Oct 2005Someone specialWoolworths, I WON'T SHOP THERE

18 Oct 2005MeDon't you hate driving down Maple Street, Maleny, and seeing the Woolworts roof showing over the top of the Riverside Centre. I thought we might be able to pretend it isn't there, but it is so big that we can't help but see it. We won't shop there!

20 Oct 2005Stefanie BennettThe Golden Hill Paugussett Tribe.

I have received your message and you are in my memory book. I ask the Supreme one that you are all well and not hurting at this time.
We have that law here - they can take the land for whatever reason. Today we thank the Creator for every day we wake up. Just keep us informed on what is going on.
I hope you are all well in these trying times. We have a crook here who wants to expand a resort. NOT IN MY BACK YARD!
To you all 'down under' be honored and always walk in beauty.

Chief Big Eagle [via Stef Bennett].

20 Oct 2005paulyou muat have all seen the woolies advert on tv with roger stating "ive changed a bit but woolies still gives you a bargain'' well roger you havent changed you are still the grubby little man you have always been

20 Oct 2005???Wollies just go back where you belong!
NOT MALENY incase you havent noticed.
Your not wanted!
Get Lost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

22 Oct 2005Me TooWhy only do 25 envelopes per week? I'm doing 150 (cost $3.00) a cup of coffee!!!!
So everybody please step it up.
Reply Paid 74596, Fairfield NSW 1860
Send some Christmas messages!!!!!!!!!!

22 Oct 2005A Maleny Feral!!!!I believe that Woolworth's have teams of people coming in at midnight to re-price all their stock. This is after the night packers have gone home. They don't even want their own staff to know..... Unthrustworthy.. Un-Australian and hopefully the Maleny Ferals

24 Oct 2005Nicki & PhoebeFight for what you believe in because if u do woolies will go down. Follow your dream "They will come true"
The platypus are beautiful marsupials dont let them die they're beauiful:)
We believe in you maleny all you need to do is believe in yourself!!

25 Oct 2005dumbsIn Maleny u can protest woolies
In Maleny u can play in the trees
In Maleny u can see all the bees
So stop woolworths please doo doo doo
(sung to the tune of In the navy)
Woolworths is poooooooooooooooooo on my shoe ewwy goo cows say moo moo moo

26 Oct 2005MehWoolworths smells, go back to the hole u came from, god ur so retched!

29 Oct 2005MeThanks for your response, Me Too. You have inspired me to send in many more Reply Paid feedback messages. I do hope others are doing this too in their hundreds. Let's turn 'it' into a white elephant. Let's make Woolworths Directors stop and think.