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Here are messages of support for the Obi Obi campaigners received during the campaign. This list is now closed to further comments.

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Date Who Message

07 Nov 2005Voodoo ChildHi,
While only recently alerted to this atrocity, I wanted to say how amazing all of you people are. Stay strong and keep fighting. People like you and Danial Jones are the ones that make this world a better place.

10 Nov 2005MeIt is very encouraging to find that nearly all the new people I talk to in Maleny (new to me that is) are against the Woolwort Stupermarket in Maleny. It gives me a real buzz. Could someone paint a picture of a big white elephant to display next time we have a rally.

17 Nov 2005sandy,mitchelton tortise creek!Platypusses Rule !

20 Nov 2005Go the PlatypusesI have been doing a project on what been happening and i think that it is gross what Woolworths are doing. Keep strong guys, keep fighting for what u believe in.

20 Nov 2005Claire (Brisbane Northside)I was visiting Melany today with some friends. What a godawful building is woolworts. I usually shop at woolworths Stafford City but after talking to locals near the markets I'm going to shop at Action. I got a sticker for my car becos I feel real sorry about what's happening there and the people are still upset because woolworths wont listen. I'm on your side Maleny. Someone told me that there making a film about what's been happening.

29 Nov 2005Lisa, Daisy HillGo Maleny! Good article in the Courier Mail. I hope Woolworths keep getting the message.

30 Nov 2005paulwould all the people who post here please check the following two sites. One is AGRARIA, the other is PEAK OIL. The first one agraria is basically what maleny IS,the second is what will bring the first one into being and not just for maleny, but for all mankind,peak oil is enevitable and it will affect everyone on this planet .After reading you might want to sell your oil shares YNWA

30 Nov 2005paulby the way roger i will never, repeat never, shop at any outlet that has ties to woolies

05 Dec 2005Geoffrey from Buderimwho are the two lovely young people with the banners in the latest photo? they don't look like ferals to me. Don't let your council put in those awful roundabouts for those woolworths monsters. Wrecked our town, I reckon. keep fighting the bastar** I say and DONT ever shop there. Lots of people in Buderim STILL don't shop there and won't ever shop there and it's ALMOST a white elefant.

15 Dec 2005EileenDoes anyone know whether or not any of the platypii are still living in the Obi Obi underneath the new stupermarket building? It is hard to believe that any could survive and still choose to live there, but you never know. It would be very difficult for them to find new accommodation elsewhere.

18 Dec 2005KimAccording to workmen on the site (who have previously refused to acknowledge that any platypus were on or under the site) at least one is reported as living in the bamboo. Haven't seen it for myself so can't verify this. Perhaps a very early mornign stroll down near the library might produce some sighting.

18 Dec 2005anonymous for good reason !!Last time I was in woolworthless' Buderim store, most of the "customers" were Maleny protestors filling trolleys. Let the good times roll. It may be a taste of what management can expect in Maleny.

19 Dec 2005paulI see corbett has been selected for the board of the RESERVE BANK when he leaves his present post,why not just retire, no its power and greed that people like him love,i wont wish you season,s greetings but i will leave you with an appropriate proverb HELL HATH NO GATES THEY ARE OPEN TO ALL MEN.