Maleny Voice



Site Planning Background Documents

Council Operational Works - Revegetation Plan small | large (full screen)

Council Operational Works - Revegetation Plan Notes

Planning & Environment Court Decision (Water Act 2000 challenge) 14 September 2004

Maleny Community Proposal for Queensland Government Assistance to Purchase Development Site 6 July 2004

Site Perimeter Plan - From Woolworths Maleny Website 2005

Site Elevation Plan - From Woolworths Maleny Website 2005

Site Development Artists Impression - From Woolworths Maleny Website 2005

Planning & Environment Court Decision (Council restrictions challenge) 20 August 2003

Obi Site - Ground Penetrating Radar Survey 9 July 2005

Background to the Maleny Development Control Plan 27 July 2005

Cornerstone's Riverine Protection Permit 18 May 2004

Guidelines on Riparian Lands Legislation QLD Govt 28 July 2002

Campaign Correspondence and Documents

An open letter from one of the campaign leaders, Jon Woodlands 13 September 2006

Woolworths Eviction Poster May 2006

What's A WOTter Information August 2005

Uniton Legal Threat Letter - Writ for Costs 21 July 2005

Woolworths Form Letter Response to Maleny Residents 13 July 2005

Uniton Legal Threat Letter Page 1 - 6 July 2005

Uniton Legal Threat Letter Page 2 - 6 July 2005

Anti-Woolworths Flyer 4-to-a-page with Logo 28 July 2005

Shopping at Woolworths Flyer July 2005

Anti-Woolworths Information Flyer 24 July 2005

Over-The-Top Legal Exclusion Zone for those charged 24 July 2005

Preamble and Form Letter to Woolworths CEO 24 June 2005

Market Facts Woolworths Opinion Survey 20 June 2005

Legal Workshop Notes 18 April 2005

Letter from Qld Premier Peter Beattie re Maleny Supermarket Issue 28 Feb 2005

Indigenous Land Corporation (ILC) application by Mairwar Indigenous Environmental group Feb 2005

ILC Property Management Plan by Mairwar Indigenous Environmental group Feb 2005

Maleny Community Proposal for Council to Purchase Development Site 30 June 2004

Caloundra City Council Response to Woolworths re Site Purchase 20 April 2004

Woolworths Open Letter to Caloundra City Council Inviting Council to Purchase the Site 19 April 2004

Media Strategy Working Paper April 2004

Peaceful Protest and Your Rights April 2004

Guidelines for Interactions With Police April 2004

Peaceful Protest - Activist Rights On Arrest April 2004

Press - Key Adverts and Media Releases

Weekend Australian Full Page Advert by Campaign Team 23 July 2005

Minister for Environment Desley Boyle Press Release - Platypus to be protected, but no conservation order 23 June 2005

Dept of Natural Resources and Mines Media Release - No Appeal on Planning & Environment Court decision 21 October 2004

Caloundra City Council Press Release - Council to consider Cornerstone offer 29 April 2004

Cornerstone Media Release - Cornerstone Supports Offer To Maleny Community To Acquire Bunya Street Site 21 April 2004

Caloundra City Council Press Release - Woolworths and Cornerstone Supermarket Development 20 April 2004

Platypus Action Group Media Release in Response to Woolworths Open Letter 20 April 2004

State Member for Glasshouse Carolyn Male Press Release - Maleny Supermarket Site 19 April 2004

Dr Sharman Stone Anti Supermarket Duopoly Speech - Gympie State Landcare Conference 6 March 2003

Supermarkets, Corporations and Communities - Pertinent Information

What's Wrong With Supermarkets

Clone Town Britian

Ghost Town Britian

Finnish Supermarkets

Senator Boswell's submission on competition policy and the effect on rural & regional Australia