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Sustainable Maleny
Local group dedicated to raising awareness of the urgent need for change due to Climate Change and Peak Oil, and of localisation as an intelligent response. Working to develop a Sustainable Maleny Action Plan, focusing on the localisation of food, the economy, employment, education, energy, transport, health, housing, tourism, water and waste and the Maleny community in general.

Barung Landcare
With more than 1,000 local members, Barung has now consolidated its reputation as one of the most successful landcare groups in Queensland, in Australia and internationally. Barung seeks a new home in the Maleny Community Precinct.

Lake Baroon Catchment Care Group
LBCCG is a small community group formed in 1992 that seeks to improve water quality throughout its catchment by implementing on-ground works, education and training.

Maleny and District Green Hills Fund
Green Hills works in partnership with community, government and business to protect the rural integrity and character of the Maleny District. Endeavouring to preserve the town's history as an existing service town to farming community.

Obi Obi Parklands
A website to raise public awarenes of an alternative proposal for the use of the Maleny Community Precinct land purchased by the Council. An environmental park with walking trails is surely better than another hack community golf course...

Sunshine Coast Environment Council
The Sunshine Coast Environment Council plays a crucial role in protecting habitat of threatened species, threatened ecological communities and migratory birds.

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